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Team Quest Fighter Tommy Leisman and His Pursuit of Greatness

Monta Wiley
02 May 2012
Tommy Leisman - US Combat Sports

The burning spark of motivation drives an individual to chase the dream of capturing a desired goal. Even through endless pitfalls and roadblocks one's chains are never bound as they center their focus on completing the mission.

Team Quest rising prospect Tommy Leisman is one who understands the tough road ahead of him. Nevertheless it is the drive embedded in his soul that allows him to bypass all obstructions in the race to reach the top.

Reflecting on childhood memories, the sport of MMA was a favored pastime in the Leisman family household. Gazing into the television monitor on countless occasions, the intrigued Leisman was astonished by the gladiatorial competition style performed by athletes in the confines of an eight sided cell structure. These open screenings would begin to jerk Leisman's interest in fathoming that same sensation of greatness.

"I can remember watching UFC 1 at a very young age with my two older brothers and my dad," Leisman recalled. "We were so intrigued by Royce Gracie and by all the different styles of fighters."

Prior to his fight launch, Tommy would undergo a series of test that would help with his maturity to becoming a man. With the strong moral support of his older brothers and participation in high school football, Leisman would be equipped in handling the mental and physical challenges in his forthcoming career in mixed martial arts.

"My brothers are five and six years older than me and did a pretty good job of making sure I was tough. They honestly helped me learn how to be confident and tough mentally and physically all while showing me the love and support I needed as their little brother."

Starting his pilgrimage at the age of 19 at the world famous Team Quest fight club, Leisman became engulfed in a sea of world class fight talent in an extremely intense training atmosphere. This was the introduction he needed to begin his development into becoming a fighter.

In addition to the support of his team, Leisman would also gain strong guidance from mentors in the marital arts community in Oregon. This vast amount of education obtained in his beginning stages would be enough to minister his excursion into the amateur fighting division.

"I started at Team Quest in Gresham and I got to roll with some of the best fighters in the world my very first day. I had no idea who I was training with but I knew I had found my new favorite sport," Leisman said. "I had to leave Team Quest Gresham to go to school in Eugene, OR where I found my next gym, Northwest Martial Arts.

"The team and the instructors at NWMA were great and I learned a lot there for about two years before I moved back to Tualatin. After I moved back home I found my MMA coach and team, Scott McQuary, head coach and owner of Team Quest Tualatin got me started with my MMA career."

His ascent in the amateur ranks would start off on the right track as the Team Quest prospect was able to derail each opponent that stood in the way of his ambitions. But like every fighter before him, Tommy was the recipient of the first devastating loss of his career, which put the young amateur at a state of disappointment and sadness as he begins to question his position in the sport.

More motivated than ever before instead of wallowing in self-pity over his misfortune, Tommy continued his drive to reach the top of the mountain. Not exercising to the demon of failure it has allowed Leisman to accomplish many great feats thus far in his career. This testament of desire and diligence has reward him with an amateur record of 8-1, the Full Contact Fighting Federation's Lightweight title, countless grappling awards, and a current record of 2-0 as a pro.

"When I lost my first MMA fight I had to learn to push through the disappointment and pain of failure. It took a lot of encouragement from my family and team to get me back on track and back in the cage," Leisman revealed to USCS. "I learned so much from my loss and the main thing I took from it was to never give up and do everything you can to continue to grow as a mixed martial artist and as a person. I know that loss changed me as a person and improved my character more than all my wins put together."

Drive, humility, and perseverance have been the key components that have kept Leisman's motor running at full capacity to reach prominence in his fight career. Fully aware that his trip is far from complete, he anticipates more dangers along the voyage. Nevertheless, suffering is just part of the route he chooses to take as continues his sprint in hot pursuit of becoming a UFC lightweight champion.

"I have been motivated and determined to be the best lightweight fighter in the world because I believe I have the talent and drive to get me there. I don't ever want to regret not taking every opportunity to strive for greatness as a fighter. The thing that truly drives me to train when I don't want to and to step outside my comfort zone and take a chance, is my 'why' factor, the fact that so many people believe in me. When I get discouraged and experience discomfort in working toward my dreams, my reason why will drive me through.

"I will be the UFC lightweight champion. I am willing to make sacrifices and push through tough times to get there. The life of a mixed martial artist is not easy and is not glamorous, but I don't need or want that. I want to work hard and test my intestinal fortitude daily; it's a part of who I am. I will be an expert in each art I study and I will pass it on to the next generation. "

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04 May 2012

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