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Nick Laney Finds Fulfilment in Life Through Mixed Martial Arts

Monta Wiley
30 April 2012
Nick Laney - US Combat Sports

Mixed martial arts is undoubtedly a powerful force capable of composing positive reinforcement in one's life. Through consistent participation in the sport an individual will experience an uplifting change on a professional athletic and personal standpoint.

This philosophy totally depicts the evolution of Colorado-based fighter Nick Laney. Throwing away his past demons in place of a better lifestyle, MMA has enabled the rising star to not only achieve great success in his fight career but also mold him into a better person outside the cage.

Born in Melbourne, Florida but raised in Northern Colorado, Laney drew a great interest in martial arts from inspiring television icons The Karate Kid and the Ninja Turtles. Through the course of his stages as an adolescent into his teen years in an effort to ingest in his newfound interest nick would begin his learning's in the art of Karate later transitioning to the boxing realm where he excelled.

Through the course of Laney's production as an athlete outside forces would later seize control of him, stirring his focus unto a new found pastime. Injecting his combat sports recreations with a venomous poison altering Laney's craving for growth in martial arts shifted to a heavy appetite for drugs and alcohol.

These lethal toxins would begin to gradually take apart this martial art enthusiast's well-being piece by piece in an unpleasant fashion for many years.

"I started boxing at the age of 13 and trained for about 12 months before I stopped going to classes, in large part due to my interest in drugs and alcohol at the time," Laney told US Combat Sports reporter Monta Wiley. "I still would spar with my friends pretty regularly and train a little bit, but I was more interested in getting high than I was in becoming a boxer."

Although the situation seemed grim for Laney just as TV pulled him into martial art activities it would be a re-encounter with the tube that would cause a relapse over his drug bond addictions. Stumbling upon a new style of fighting called mixed martial arts after witnessing the display of athleticism of fighters dueling in the UFC reenergized a spark in Laney's core conveying his focus on vivid visions of becoming a professional MMA fighter.

"I became interested in MMA after seeing the early UFC's on VHS tape, and my interest was renewed after watching the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, but never knew where to look for training until a couple of my friends told me they had done a trial class at a gym just down the road from me."

Rummaging for a single outlet to fund his newfound hook Laney would acquire this needed charity in the form of a small facility in Loveland, Colorado. Through his introductory debut insides the walls of Infinite MMA, Laney would find his true calling in life. So much so that he was willing to dispose of all his old hazardous customs in place of this new attractive lifestyle.

"The first time I stepped into Infinite I was dumbfounded. I signed the waiver and stepped onto the mats for my first classes, about 15 minutes into my first kickboxing class my body had had enough and decided to expel the contents of my stomach, which it did again about 10 minutes later, and again towards the end of class. Even after vomiting from exertion three times I decided to do the jiu jitsu class also, and this is where I fell in love with martial arts. "

"That was the moment I decided that I wanted to become an MMA fighter, the next day I threw out every drop of alcohol in my house and I trashed all of my drug paraphernalia. Not only that but I went through all of the cupboards and the refrigerator and got rid of all the pop and junk food in the house I changed my entire life and all of my habits and began to train as much as I possibly could."

Embracing the new experience the new Infinite MMA fighter gradually mutated into a positive driven individual. From an athletic standpoint martial arts has opened the door and blessed Laney with a wide range of opportunities that found the prospect showcasing his talents throughout the Colorado fight scene snatching major wins and a couple of championship belts along the stream.

Asides from his athletic accolades martial arts have also helped Nick on a personal note. Selecting a healthier alternative coming out of his hardened shell Nick has flourished into an outgoing individual. Through this sociality he has gained great friendships that have not only helped contribute to his growth as a fighter but also in his endeavors outside the gym.

"I was very shy and timid before I started training and now I'm much more outgoing, vie developed friendships with my teammates and coaches that could never be replaced. The team at Infinite has become my family and I can't imagine not having all of my brothers and sisters in my life. Coaches Adam and Kate Martinez have shaped me into the fighter and in large part into the person that I am today. They have helped me through some extremely trying times in my life, from the separation from my wife to falling back into old habits of doing drugs."

In a lot of cases change and bring about a dramatic turn in one's life. This attainment Nick Laney has received through his journey thus far is a testament to not only the power martial can bring to one's life but also the potential to have one strive toward bigger ambitions.

"I can't even begin to describe how much Martial Arts have changed me as a person. Training helped me overcome drug and alcohol use, forced me to change my diet and lifestyle choices to become a healthier person. If it wasn't for martial arts I would be another ordinary social robot... I would work a crappy 9-5 that I hate and struggle to make ends meet every week. Instead I train 5-6 days a week doing what I love and hope to one day live my dream of fighting on the grandest stage in the world, the UFC octagon."

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30 April 2012

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