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Review: Fight! Magazine

AJ Hoffman
18 January 2010
Review: Fight! Magazine
Fight! is a page turning and well written magazine that manages to grab a hold of your attention and keep it. But how does it compare against the rest. Shall we find out? The newest addition of Fight! features Gerard Mousasi on the cover. It gives you a wide range of subjects to choose from in the hopes that at least one will catch your eye.

First let us start with the good. This issue really does an excellent job of creating new ideas to write about. Everyone who has contributed has definitely done their homework when writing all of their articles as well. I know, I know, of course they should be doing their homework before they write, but this is very obvious that there has been some good hard old fashioned studying to do these. I did not find one boring article in this entire magazine.

The entire issue is also filled with incredible photography mostly featuring UFC fights but they are truly photos taken at just the right time. I also found the, “Did you know?” section very intriguing. It is always cool to have those little fun facts in the back of our minds to bring up in conversation later. Another section is the, “They said that?” part of the magazine. This page features the who’s who of MMA saying things you wouldn’t expect from them. Let me tell you, if you want to pick up UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste, just take Greg Jackson’s advice on this one and turn to this page.

Now, for the dislikes at least in my opinion. I realize magazines have to make money somehow. Obviously, one of the largest sources of income for them are the ads that companies put in the magazine for a certain prices depending on the size taken up and the location within the magazine as well. All I have to say is there needs to be a limit put on these things. The first ten pages alone are nothing but ads until you finally reach the contents page. Then after the contents page, with the exception of the editors note and author bios it takes another fourteen pages to reach the first article. This just irked me slightly, especially when I am looking for a good read. Thankfully for Fight! magazine this is the only downfall I found and everything else is flawless!

I would however, like to make a special note of one particular piece that I found more interesting than the rest. As we all know, or at least think we know, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller may have a few screws loose, but it’s a special kind of tweak to him that we all can come to enjoy every now and then. He wrote an article in this issue called, “Stream of Consciousness” which was a gander into the mind of ‘Mayhem’ which, quite frankly, seems like an odd and scary place. It is very well written with many transitions within the article from incredibly funny, to thought provoking and serious. Nevertheless, if you decide to pick this issue up, it is a must read!

Fight! magazine almost earned that perfect ten, but the enormous amount of advertisements trying to tell me I can put 1,000 pounds of muscle on in two days just began driving me up a wall. As I stated before, it may only be a small problem with this issue, but the small things can add up. In the end, a 9 out of 10 is far from bad and I believe it is worth the price tag. Fight! magazine has earned my stamp of approval!
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12 November 2010

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