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Din Thomas talks Mayorga and future in fighting

AJ Hoffman
07 April 2010
Din Thomas talks Mayorga and future in fighting

UFC veteran and season 4 Ultimate Fighter alum Din Thomas talked with MATCS about his upcoming fight with Ricardo Mayorga at Shine III on May 15 in Fayetteville, NC. Mayorga, a former WBA Welterweight Champion, has turned to MMA as his new career.

Din Thomas runs two American Top Team gyms in Central Florida and has been fighting professionally in MMA since 1998. His last fight was a TKO win over Pennsylvania native Dustin Pague in January at WEF in Pittsburgh.

Mayorga, while lacking any professional MMA experience, is one of the recent group to bring a professional level boxing skill set into the cage.

“Its not how I match up with him," Thomas said of Mayorga's abilities, "But how he matches up with me.”

Thomas says he's doing nothing different in his training to prepare for Mayorga because he trains all aspects of his game for each fight.

Pague's fight against the veteran Thomas was viewed by many to be a warm up to the Mayorga fight to get the cage rust off. Thomas maintains that he had needed to get back in the cage before the Mayorga fight, but that Pague was a quality opponent and a lot better than he thought.

Thomas has not reacted well to the hype coming from the Mayorga camp leading up to the bout, stating simply that he “respects Mayorga as a man and a fighter but will throw [Mayorga's boasts] in his face” in the cage.

Thomas has not been worried about his duties running to gyms having a negative impact on his training, pointing out that he has plenty of training partners and is in the gym all day. Thomas has no fights planned after Mayorga. He is willing to fight for any event provided a quality opponent.

As an aging lion in the sport of MMA, Thomas has had no problems getting fights outside of major promotions.

"There are a lot of young guns wanting to test [me]," Thomas said. "But [I've] got something for them.”

Thomas has no plans to attempt a UFC return and continues to fight because he enjoys testing himself. For more information about his schools and training, Din Thomas can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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12 November 2010

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