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M-1 Selection Americas honors and tournament winners

Peter Lampasona
05 April 2010
M-1 Selection Americas honors and tournament winners
Russian MMA promotion M-1 Global brought its competitive glasnost to US soil yesterday for the Americas edition of the Selection series. M-1 Selection is a single elimination tournament held in various parts of the world focusing on getting eight developing fighters per weight class in each continent to fight in the higher level M-1 Challenge series. The following are the highlights and honors of the night as well as a list of American fighters who will be advancing to the Challenge: Fight of the Night- Renato Migliaccio versus John Salgado

Though not a tournament affair, the bout between Renato Migliaccio and New York native John Salgado turned out to be the most competitive and surprising of the night.

Salgado approached his opponent carefully in the opening of the first frame, wary of the takedown threat from his opponent, who has a majority of his professional wins by submission. After just over a minute of careful stalking by Salgado, a shout came from his corner.

“He has no hands,” Salgado’s trainer shouted from the wings. “Move in.”

Salgado picked up on his corner immediately, throwing a long combination straight down the pipe and beginning a chain of action that didn’t stop until the final bell.

Rising to the challenge, Migliaccio scored a takedown off of his opponent’s newly confident offensive efforts. Migliaccio took a dominant position quickly against Salgado but found the New Yorker difficult to finish by submission through no shortage of attempts.

Migliaccio controlled the pace on the pace of the fight on the ground, spending the majority of the round time in a dominant position. But Salgado’s consistent returns to his feet and aggressive style captured most of the bout’s highlight moments, including a frightening takedown where Salgado pinned Migliaccio’s arms behind his back using a double underhook grip.*

The second frame also spent most of its time on the ground, but Migliaccio’s control looked like it was starting to pay dividends, as he was able to slow the pace and the growth of Salgado’s highlight reel. Though once again dominant in his floor work, Migliaccio found himself unable to work a submission for long.

By the final round, both fighters started to show signs of fatigue. Migliaccio’s almost flawless takedown attempts fell short, allowing Salgado to final spend enough time on his feet to show why his corner was confident in his superior striking.

At the end of the bout, though Migliaccio had been ahead for the majority of the time spent fighting, Salgado’s big moments won the judges over in the tightly contested bout, and the New Yorker took home the split decision nod.

*Author's note: Yes, you read that correctly

Submission of the Night- Zach Makovsky puts the lights out on Josh Rave

From the first two minutes of this bout, where a pressured Josh Rave escaped an armbar attempt by Zach Makovsky, diving for a heel hook attempt that he transitioned into a knee bar attempt, it became clear that this fight was going to end in a submission.

The bout featured some very slick positioning and sweeps to set up the dozens of submission attempts that peppered the fight. Makovsky was on the winning end of the majority of the complicated scrambles unique to the 135 pound weight class the fight was being held at. But Rave’s consistent escapes and leg-based submission attempts kept him a constant danger.

Going into the third and final round, no previous frame had a clear cut winner. The continued relentless submission attempts from both fighters were a testament that neither wanted to risk being surprised by the score cards. A little over a minute into the last round, Makovsky caught Rave’s neck during a reversal, which he used to maneuver a guillotine from the top position.

Rave would not tap in such a close bout, but his escape attempts proved fruitless as his consciousness left him. Makovsky put the young Rave out for the win and the submission of the night.

Knockout of the Night- Mike Guerin rough necks his way to a TKO victory

Team Bombsquad’s Mike Guerin defined “winning ugly” in his third round stoppage over Todd Chantelle. From open to end, Guerin put on a brawler’s performance that consistently bested Chantelle’s slight technical edge with an abundance of valor and gameness.

Throughout the fight, Guerin was not afraid to take one in order to give one. In fact, he was not afraid to take two or three in order to give one. His constant forward motion and attack wore on Chantelle early on, as landing shots on Guerin while backing up seemed to only decrease Guerin’s respect for Chantelle’s power.

Each time Chantelle would back up or cover, Guerin took that as a cue to lay on a volume of punches, knowing that some would have to hit. Guerin’s barrages would continue for incredible periods of time until eventually his endurance failed him, falling back visibly exhausted from his attempt to put Chantelle away.

Chantelle, however, was too battered to capitalize on his opponent’s over exertion, and would only mount a half hearted offense until Guerin summoned up enough strength for the next volley.

In the final frame, Guerin, seemingly tired of Chantelle’s pesky defense, grabbed one of Chantelle’s wrists and proceeded to chase Chantelle across the ring while battering him with his free hand. As the fighters hit a corner where Chantelle ran out of real estate to flee, Guerin began throwing unanswered punch and knee combinations, keeping his grip on Chantelle’s wrist, until the referee had to call the stoppage.

Tournament fighters advancing to M-1 Challenge-

Pat Audinwood
Dennis Bermudez
George Sheppard
Mike Guerin
Plinio Cruz
Colin Schrader
Lennox Chance
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05 April 2010

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