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Amir Sadollah makes statement at UFN 20

Peter Lampasona
12 January 2010
Amir Sadollah makes statement at UFN 20
Richmond, Virginia local and Ultimate Fighter season seven winner Amir Sadollah took home the most impressive win of his career tonight at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia for Ultimate Fight Night 20. Sadollah’s opponent, “Bad” Brad Blackburn was on a three fight winning streak in the UFC and boasts the best striking skills of any fighter on Sadollah’s résumé. Sadollah, a fighter known for his submission skills, made a huge statement when he dominated the primarily standing bout. The action started early and often, with neither fighter being able to get a clear advantage. Blackburn was the busier fighter, but Sadollah had a much tighter defense and landed cleaner in each exchange. Late in the first frame, Sadollah broke the stalemate by staggering Blackburn, transitioning immediately into a takedown, but was unable to finish the fight before the bell.

The second round was more even, with Blackburn pushing Sadollah against the fence. However, Sadollah’s knees in the clinch looked very crisp, showing off his newfound technical prowess in the striking department.In the third round, Sadollah was able to run away with the fight. A clean flying knee by Sadollah threatened to finish Blackburn off. While Bad Brad survived, he never fully recovered, being taken down and forced to play a meager defense by Sadollah for the rest of the fight.

Sadollah won more than just the unanimous decision. The show the Virginian put on tonight showed that Sadollah has little in the way of weaknesses in his overall game. Combined with his popularity among fans, Sadollah will likely fight his next UFC bout on Pay Per View against a ranked welterweight.

While most of Sadollah’s career was spent at Combat Sports Center of Richmond, he now fights out of Xtreme Couture. He is one of the flagship names signed by Suckerpunch Entertainment Management Company.
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12 November 2010

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