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USA Pankration Enjoys Weather and Gold Medals in Jamaica

Paul Fladten
11 February 2010

USA_JamaicaJust over two weeks ago, USA Pankration President Dave Sixel took his team far way from the Wisconsin weather in order to compete head-to-head against the Jamaican Pankration team; every member of Team USA returned with a gold medal and a team victory.



The team, which consisted of adult competitor Jon “White Trash” Friedland, teen competitors Katrina Maki and James Bennet, and junior competitor Eric Hamilton, all excelled in the “Land of Wood and Water”.


“Everyone that competed worked really hard,” said Sixel.  “I was very proud of the time and effort that they put into this competition, and the results proved that all of their hard work paid off.”


The competition, which was held in Trelawny, Jamaica, pitted four memebers of Team USA against Team Jamaica.  According to Sixel, the Americans utilized a stronger grappling game to ensure themselves of a victory on January 23 and 24.


“Overall, we were better on the ground,” said Sixel.  “Don’t get me wrong, the Jamaicans were very skilled, but each and everyone of our guys were able to win because their ground game was stronger.”


The impressive performance by Team USA should come as no surprise; in September of last year, Sixel led Team USA to the gold medals at the World Championships in Lithuania.


With yet another strong showing for United States Pankration, the team should be seen as one of the favorites for the World Championships in 2010.  This year’s event is scheduled to take place in Cracow, Poland, in March.  For more information on the event, check out the USAFPA’s official website.


Congratulations are once again in order for USA Pankration and Sixel, who was just happy to let his team escape the cold for a few days.


“This victory was fun and exciting for everyone involved,” said Sixel.  “But really, it was just nice to let these guys fight in a warm setting for once.”


USA Pankration Wins Gold in Lithuania

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11 February 2010

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