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Warfield Comes Up Short Against Edwards

Paul Fladten
05 September 2009
jameswarfield2b"The Unbreakable Heavy Hitter" James Warfield put on a strong showing against Yves Edwards on Friday night in Miami, but ultimately he succumbed to a triangle leg choke just before the second round came to a close.


The fight began with Edwards using a right head kick to back Warfield against the cage. After the Chosen Few fighter had been pinned back, Edwards gained the clinch and was able to use some vicious knees.


From the clinch, Edwards then was able to sweep Warfield. After being taken down, Warfield showed that he was more than just a striker. He was able to reverse Edwards' mount and gain control of his back. Warfield then attempted a rear-naked choke, but was unable to finish due to time constraints.


In the second round, Warfield connected with a violent superman punch to the head of his opponent. But Edwards recovered from the superman punch and was able to pull Warfield into his guard.


After the fight went to the ground, Edwards secured a leg triangle. Warfield avoided tapping for a good amount of time, but ultimately gave in at 4:48 into the second round. Warfield looked extremely disappointed after the fight.


Warfield, who is now 15-4 after the loss, will look to rebound in a matchup with Gladiators champion Mark Severtson. The two exchanged words after Warfield's win against Brian Learn at Madtown Throwdown.


Also on the card was veteran Wisconsin fighter Herbert "Whisper" Goodman. Goodman was able to execute a third round comeback TKO against James Brasco

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05 September 2009

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