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Sean Salmon Divulges Too Much Information

Paul Fladten
04 September 2009
salmonFormer UFC veteran and Milwaukee native Sean Salmon has recently found himself in the midst of controversy after he indicated in his personal blog, "I put my arm back in to give him the win".


Salmon, who is currently training with Duke Roufus, told ESPN that he "shouldn't have worded it like that..."


The fight in question occurred in Cleveland, Ohio on June 6. It was at the North American Allied Fight Series: Fight Nite in the Flats 5 that Salmon officially lost to Allan Weickert at 2:05 in the second round.


Salmon described the situation as "the most embarrassing thing I have ever admitted out loud." And the Ohio State Athletic Commission executive director Bernie Profato is not happy about the situation.


In a recent interview with, Profato described his feeling on the situation.


"I'm not going to stand for this kind of (expletive)," said Profato. "If he doesn't print a retraction, then he's out. I'm not going to compromise the integrity of the sport and have someone throw a fight...If I had proof, he'd be banned for life in Ohio."


Sherdog writer Jake Rossn reported that Profato has ordered Salmon to appear in front of the Ohio State Athletic Commission on October 14 to discuss his most recent fight. It was also reported that Salmon's upcoming fight in Ohio has been cancelled.


It is unfortunate that Salmon's poor description of the fight is the only nationally newsworthy aspect of the article. In the same blog, he also described how much he enjoyed his training at Duke Roufus Academy.


He wrote, "I believe that Duke, his staff and his athletes have created a gym that will soon be recognized as one of the top five in the world to train."


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04 September 2009

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