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Referee Kim Winslow responds to Tate stoppage

Eric Kowal
17 April 2013
Referee Kim Winslow responds to Tate stoppage

Miesha Tate, more than anyone else, is unhappy with the stoppage of her number one contender bout with “Alpha” Cat Zingano this past Saturday night.

Tate, the former Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion wanted the chance at redemption with current champion Ronda Rousey and the only way to get there was to go through Zingano, however after several unanswered shots to “Cupcake’s” face and head, referee Kim Winslow called a stop to the action in the third round declaring Alpha Cat the winner.

Tate was getting the better of Zingano early on in the fight, however the third round is where Cat shined and delivered brutal knees and elbows bloodying the face of the former champion.

Tate seemed to have dropped from an elbow that followed up a knee however Tate said that she was shooting in for a takedown.

At the post fight press conference Tate questioned the stoppage and said that before the fight Winslow told her what she needed to do if she wanted to keep the fight going when caught in a troubled spot.

Tate was asked “Do you feel that the stoppage was somewhat early?”

Cupcake responded “I do, but you know, I just know how I felt inside the cage. I haven’t actually had a chance to go back and watch it but Kate came in before we ever left the locker room that if I warn you to move all I ever need to know is that you want to stay in the fight, and I felt that I did that. I got from the bottom up. I got kneed a few times on the way, tried to shoot another shot and the fight was stopped. I, you know, I didn’t feel I was out of the fight but you know, what can I say?”

During an exclusive interview with USCS, Winslow said that she cannot comment on the fight or any fighter involved. As a mixed martial arts referee Winslow’s job is to remain impartial and to call a fair fight.

Winslow did say however, “I will tell you what I tell ALL my fighters in the prefight one on ones. If I say ‘fight back you are in imminent danger of me stopping your fight and you have to give me a reason not to. If you respond to the command and show that you can intelligently defend yourself I will let it continue whether or not your attempts are successful. It is on you to continue to try until you are out of danger or the round has ended. When you stop attempting to get out of the situation or just go back to what got you warned in the first place it's your way of letting me know you have had enough and I am coming in to stop it. How much time I give you is always dependent on the amount of damage you are taking. Safety is the first priority and it's my job to make sure you come back to fight another day if you choose to. ’”

While Tate may feel the fight was stopped unjustly many fans feel it was the right call and agree with Winslow’s decision to call an end to the contest.

With Zingano’s win, she will move to Las Vegas for six weeks to begin filming season 18 of the Ultimate Fighter opposite coach, Ronda Rousey. The show will air on Fox Sport 1 in September and at the culmination of the season the two top female fighters in the UFC will do battle for the 135-pound title.

Last year USCS reporter Eric Kowal had the opportunity to talk with Winslow about her experience in becoming the first female referee in the UFC and her scariest moment inside the octagon.  To read that interview click here.

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17 April 2013

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