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Anderson Silva: The Most Unfortunate Name in MMA

Eric Kowal
20 February 2013
Anderson Silva:  The Most Unfortunate Name in MMA

The probability of sharing a name with another individual is highly plausible. Chances that one day that person will go on to receive stardom is a little less likely, but what happens when they do?

Imagine you are born Brad Pitt, or William Clinton, or even Lindsay Lohan? Throughout life people will commonly mistake you for the “real” or somewhat famous celebrity. Imagine not only how annoying this may at times but also how sometimes it might also be a hindrance. Sure there will be times it may benefit you in the long run, but the bad probably outweighs the good, especially if you are in the same job field, such as acting. Think you are going to find an acting job with the name Brad Pitt?

So what happens when you are a fighter and share the name of the most recognizable fighter on the planet, the pound-for-pound greatest fighter and current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva?

And what happens when you are actually good at what you do? Imagine you boast a winning record just like the champ yet you do not get the media blitz that the Spider receives? You are constantly living in the shadow of the man who is undoubtedly the greatest UFC fighter to ever compete inside the octagon.

In Brazil, the name Silva is just as common as the names Smith or Jones are here in the states. A quick glance at any website that tracks professional fighting records will reveal that there are nearly a dozen or so Anderson Silvas on the market, all waiting for their big break.

The most impressive however is 26-year-old kickboxer, Anderson “Braddock” Silva. Braddock hosts a remarkable 35 wins to his record, 24 by way of knockout. Nearly 70 percent of his fights end with him standing over his opponent’s limp body. Not even the Spider has a knockout percentage that high. The “real” Anderson Silva is not far behind however; maintaining a 61 percentage rating in the knockout category.

Each fighter has had the guts to step into the cage and throw leather and they need to be commended for that, however, their efforts will likely go unnoticed on the worldwide scene largely in fact to them unfortunately sharing the same or similar birth names to a for sure future UFC Hall of Famer in Anderson “the Spider” Silva.

A look at the other Andersons

Anderson Silva (0-1) is either the unluckiest and worst fighter on the planet or there were horrible time keepers sanctioned for his fight or maybe his opponent has the fastest hands on the planet. According to records Silva lost in the first round at zero seconds into the first round due to a KO from Joao Marcos Azevedo.

Anderson Silva (0-1) of Toca da Gorila Team also made his debut in 2012 but lost a unanimous decision to Marcio Moreira.

Anderson da Silva (0-1) suffered a loss in 2011 when he was submitted by Washington Nunes in the first round of their encounter.

Anderson “Nene” Pira da Silva (4-4) also of Brazil also has fight records recorded under the name Anderson “Nene” Silva. If you combine the two records together he is sporting a .500 average

Anderson “Anderson Suno” Pimental Moreira Da Silva (0-1) dropped his inaugural fight in May of last year due to TKO at the hands of David Raphael Mariz. Silva has not fought since then.

Anderson “Banana” Silva (0-2) has yet to see the third round and is likely retired from the sport not having fought since 2008.

Anderson Nicolas Muniz Da Silva (0-1) is the most recent Anderson to break into the sport. Silva fought just last month at Arena Fight 5 where he recorded a TKO loss to Luis de Franca at 2:39 of the third round.

Then there are those who are fortunate enough to have an extra letter in their name as to say they are not “Anderson Silva.”

Wanderson Silva (kind of like Wanderlei Silva but Wanderson) (8-10) is one of the most active of the Andersons. This welterweight most recently lost a unanimous decision in August 2012. He has never had a fight streak of more than two consecutive wins.

Evanderson Lopes da Silva Jr. (0-4) goes by the nickname “Ruffo” and has lost all four of his fights decisively by TKO, KO or submission. He has never let the judges decide his fate.

What would Anderson Silva be without a cool nickname like…… “the Cock”?????

Anderson “the Cock” Silva (1-0) has only fought once but with a nickname like his, he had to win. He holds a submission win over a man with two first names, Michael Michael.

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20 February 2013

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