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Madtown Throwdown 28 Live Results and Play-by-Play Coverage

Kyle Carroll
11 August 2012
Mike Rhodes - US Combat Sports

One of the Midwest's most storied local promotions returns to the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin tonight for the 28th installment of Madtown Throwdown.

Featuring nine noteworthy fights, including a main event between Wisconsin Fighter of the Year Andrew Trace and four-time Bellator veteran Steve Carl, the card is one not to miss.

However, if you are unable to make your way down to Madison, be sure to follow along with the US Combat Sports Live Results and Play-by-Play coverage. The action is set to begin at 7 p.m. and you can also follow along with us on Twitter @USCombatSports for live updates throughout the night.

170 – Andrew Trace vs. Steve Carl (@Steve_Carl)
155 – Tyler Hellenbrand vs. Jimmy Kim (@jimkim145)
155 – Dennis Anderson vs. Robert Couillard
145 – Morgan Sickinger (@CaptainMorgs145) vs. Josh Kasee (@ko_Kasee87)
155 – Zach Browder vs. Eddie Larrea
180 – Mike Rhodes (@TeamRocBiggie) vs. Mike Sanchez
155 – Gino DiGullio vs Matt Wikoff
155 – Kevin Schulz vs. Bryan Marty

Bryan Marty vs. Kevin Schulz

Rd1- Marty comes out looking for a jab. Schultz lands a leg kick. Marty grabs a leg on a low single and quickly gains back control, where he puts legs in from the back position. After a small scramble Marty regains back control. Marty takes side control and lands a few strikes as Schultz is on his back. Marty takes a full mount position. He delivers strikes in bunches until the horn sounds.

Rd2- Marty comes out right away throwing a roundhouse kick nearly landing it. Schultz throws a kick of his own. Marty shoots, and earns back control where he sinks in a deep rear naked choke. Schultz taps out to end the fight.

Bryan Marty Def. Kevin Schultz in Rd2 at 1:01 via Rear Naked Choke.


Bob Hocraffer vs. TJ Lee

Rd1- Hocraffer lands a straight jab early. Lee comes in with his own combos; as he’s connecting on a two strike followed by a kick combo. Hocraffer earns the first takedown. Hocraffer moves to back control. Lee is working hard using hand control to reverse Lee to gain top control. The round ends as Lee is postured up in full guard, where he lands a few punches to the chin of Hocraffer.

Rd2- Lee Lands two upright kicks followed by a right hand. Hocraffer goes for a takedown that pushed Lee against the cage where he gains back control. Lee does a great job defending shaking off the high Hocraffer. Hocraffer maintains back control as they fall to the canvas. Hocraffer is looking for a submission, but unable to process anything. Lee still holding hands as Hocraffer continues trying to land strikes as the round ended.

Rd3- Lee eats a straight left. Lee returns with his own combo that lands and has Hocraffer running. Hocraffer goes for the takedown. Hocraffer has top control from full guard. Lee is looking for a submission from the bottom as he is attempting a sweep. Hocraffer starts working from the top and lands several heavy hammer fists. Lee looks for a kumara, as Hocraffer launches heavy strikes to the side of Lee. Both fighters end the fight strong from the ground as they strike each other until the round ends.

Bob Hocraffer def. TJ Lee via unanimous decision by a score of 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.


Gino Diguilio vs. Matt Wikoff

Rd1- Diguilio looks for his reach as throws a few jabs and kicks. Takes down Wikoff easily and gains top control. Wikoff reverses Diguilio to gain top control. Diguilio locks up a triangle with his legs, where he looks to finish Wikoff. Diguilio transitions to an arm bar, but Wikoff slips out. Diguilio throws in a arm triangle choke and Wikoff slips out again. Diguilio keeps doing a great job controlling hands of Wikoff. Wikoff lands a nice elbow from the top full guard position. Diguilio gets up and avoids a strike to takedown Wikoff. Diguilio earns side control where he is landing strikes and looking for a submission. Diguilio gains back control after a scramble. Wikoff lands several elbows to his opponent’s head behind his back as they are on the ground against the cage.

Rd2- Wikoff lands a leg kick and eats a straight right. Diguilio takes down Wikoff again and slides him against the cage. Diguilio moves to half guard, as he continues looking to mount Wikoff. Gino scrambles out and gets mount which turns into back control. Wikoff is trying to defend the choke. Diguilio chokes out Wikoff via rear naked choke.

Gino Diguilio def. Matt Wikoff in round 2 via rear naked choke at 2:18.


Mike Rhodes vs. Torrey Berendes

Rd1- Rhodes defends the wild attack by Berendes and throws him by the head to the ground where he stomps his face in with brutal punches that left Berendes lights out on the ground.

Mike Rhodes def. Torrey Berendes by TKO in RD1 at :42.


Joe Blake vs. Mike Sanchez

Rd1- Blake looks to land a kick. Sanchez shoots and lifts Blake up. Blake locks up a choke and is brought to the mat. Blake locks in a tight arm bar. Sanchez some how escapes and allows Blake to his feet. Blake earns a takedown. After a reversal, Blake is on bottom tying up the hands of Sanchez as he is trying snag an arm bar. Sanchez earns half guard control from the top. Blake continues to tie hands up and escapes to get top control. The round ends with Blake on top.

Rd2- Sanchez takes a fist to the chin, and then is taken down by Blake. Blake’s head is stuck in a choke, until he escapes. Blake is climbing up the body and starts landing fists to the face of Blake. Joe Blake is land heavy fists and moves to side control. Now landing Elbows from above. Elbow, fist, elbow, Joe Blake is mixing up the attack from top and landing tough shots to the jaw of Sanchez. Sanchez reverses Blake and Blake ties up the hands right away of Sanchez. Blake looks for another arm bar. Sanchez now locks up a tight Guillotine choke that lake escapes. Sanchez is now opening up landing strikes form the top. Round Ends.

Rd3- Blake eats a few strikes to the face as the straights forced him to shoot. Sanchez gets Blake on his back as Blake ties his hands up again. Sanchez is trying to land heavy strikes from the top. Blake appears to be tired and trying to lock another choke. Sanchez pulls away and starts landing right fists to the face of Blake. Blake does a great job of hand control and stands up to take down Sanchez. In a half guard Sanchez lays on bottom as Blake is on top laying body, head, body strikes. Sanchez reverses Blake and lands a knee as they stand up. Bake gets another take down and gets Sanchez’ back and moves to a full guard position. Blake is applying great pressure with less than a minute in the fight as he pushes forward in while on top and smokes Sanchez with a nasty right hook. Blake locks up a rear naked choke with ten seconds left in the fight and nearly makes Sanchez tap out. Fight ends.

Joe Blake def. Mike Sanchez by Unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.


Zach Browder vs. Eddie Larrea

Rd1- Browder attacks right away swinging. Larrea avoids and tries throwing a kick and is pushed against the fence. Browder swings for the fences and lands heavy hands on Larrea. Zach Browder clinches Larrea and then lets go and continues to connect with Larrea’s face. Browder uses a front headlock to bring Larrea down to the mat where he tries to spin around. Larrea gets top control. In a full guard Larrea trying to throw strikes. Browder lands several elbows from the bottom. Larrea continues with the pressure on top of Browder avoiding submission attacks. Browder posts up and tackles Larrea to his back and moves to side control. Browder takes back control and is fighting out of a rear naked choke. Browder finally sinks in the rear naked choke and finishes Larrea.

Zach Browder def. Eddie Larrea by rear naked choke in RD 1 at 4:49.


Morgan Sickenger vs. Josh Kasee

Rd1- Sickenger delivers several straights and shoots deep for a shot against the cage. Kasee is pinned against the cage and is taking a lot of knees to the legs and body. Referee stands them in the middle. Sickenger appeared to stun Kasee, and pins him against the cage and takes a knee from Kasee. Sickenger is looking for a single leg takedown but can’t bring Kasee to the mat. Sickenger dives in with a high fist that misses and flops to the ground. Sickenger gets back to his feet and pins Kasee against the cage for another time. Sickenger continues with knees to the kegs of Kasee. Round ends.

Rd2- Sickenger attacks off the whistle again and lands a straight to the face and grabs a leg of Kasee. Kasee gains top side control Sickenger. Kasee earns back control until Morgan Sickenger stands up and escapes. Sickenger is on the legs of Kasee against the fence. Both fighters are at a stalemate on the fence. Sickenger lifts Kasee over his head like an all-American in wrestling and slams him to the mat. Kasee stands up and just misses the face of Sickenger with a strong right. Sickenger pins Kasee against the fence again. Sickenger starts throwing punches to the body of Kasee as Kasee is delivering elbows to the body of Sickenger in defense. Sickenger finally earns a takedown as the round expired.

Rd3- Sickenger lands a nice straight to the face of Kasee. Sickenger shoots and is stuffed on the shot. Hands are coming down of Kasee as fatigue is setting in both fighters as they dance around the cage. Sickenger lands a leg kick. Kasee lands a straight left. Sickenger grabs hold of a leg but unable to do anything with it and lets go only to eat three solid punches from the hands of Kasee. Sickenger is trying to put combos together. Sickenger lands a superman punch and ties up in a clinch with Kasee. Another combo is put together by Sickenger before he then drops to a shot which ends against the fence as he continues to attempt to take Kasee down. Round ends.

Morgan Sickenger def. Josh Kasee by split decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.


Robert Couillard vs. Dennis Anderson

Rd1- Couillard opens with a leg kick then a head kick. Couillard connects with a left straight followed by a right hook that is defended and then lands a knee to the head. Anderson earns a takedown. Anderson lifts Couillard off the ground a few inches and slams him. Couillard is tying Anderson's hands up. Couillard sinks in a deep leg triangle choke and forces Anderson tap out.

Robert Couillard def. Dennis Anderson via Triangle choke in Rd1 at 2:07.


Tyler Hellenbrand vs. Jimmy Kim

Rd1- Kim lands a right hook on the jaw of Hellenbrand. Kim grabs a leg and brings Hellenbrand to the mat. Both fighters are standing in tight swinging. Hellenbrand lands a fist the drops Kim. Kim recovers quick as Hellenbrand pounced on him trying to finish him. Hellenbrand rocks Kim with a right head kick and then socks him in the face to drop him back again, but the tough Kim regains himself to get back to his feet. Kim continues to push forward. Hellenbrand is throwing all is haymakers and cant finish Kim. Kim pins Hellenbrand against the fence. Kim eats another right hook and falls back and suffers a brutal attack and finally the referee ends the bout after Kim proves his toughness.

Tyler Hellenbrand TKO's Jimmy Kim in RD1 at 4:16.


Andrew Trace vs. Steve Carl

Rd1- Trace opens with a leg kick. Carl opens up with a intense combo on Trace that pushes him to the cage and takes him down with a massive slam. Carl takes his back and sinks a rear naked choke and puts Trace to sleep.

Steve Carl Submits Andrew Trace in Rd1 by rear naked choke at :55.

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