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From the South Side of Milwaukee to the UFC: Chico Camus Makes UFC Debut Against Dustin Pague at UFC 150 on Saturday

Paul Fladten
07 August 2012
Chico Camus vs. Dustin Pague at UFC 150 - US Combat Sports

Nearly two decades ago Chico Camus was introduced into the world of combative sports. And while the path to his current destination may have hit some bumps along the way, the bantamweight now sits on the doorstep to his Ultimate Fighting Championship dream.

Set to square off against three-time UFC veteran Dustin Pague at "UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar II" – and kick off the televised preliminary bouts on FX – Camus becomes the latest Wisconsinite to compete in the world's grandest combative organization.

"I'm literally like almost in tears," Camus told US Combat Sports about his learning that he had been signed to the UFC. "I get off the phone with Duke [Roufus] and run upstairs and my mom and my nephews...are right there and I'm like man I'm in the UFC and the house was going crazy. It was like my birthday party man; it was like we were at the club."

But accompanying his joy of reaching the UFC is a desperate desire to prove that he belongs within the organization's constantly improving 135-pound weight class - something he can do if the fight plays out the way he thinks it could.

"I just need to use my angles, be in and out, and I have dynamite in my right and my left hands so hopefully I can land some big punches and we can get can get a bonus, man. Because I need some new clothes and some new cars, man."

Finding His Way

As he would openly admit, Camus didn't always seemed destined to be a professional athlete. Growing up in a rough portion of the south side of Milwaukee, Camus unfortunately found himself hanging with the wrong crowd. But fatherhood and an introduction into the combative sports scene via teammate Anthony "Showtime" Pettis quickly righted his ship.

"A kid from the street, a tough guy, I always thought I'd kick everybody's ass, so he [Pettis] brought me down to the gym and pretty much humbled me and showed me what fighting was all about. And after that it pretty much took off from there and he introduced me to Duke [Roufus] down at Roufusport and the rest was golden, man."

Competing within 14 fights over his last three years as a professional mixed martial artist, Camus amassed an impressive 11-3 record upon the local Midwestern combat sports scene. He has earned victories over proven veterans like John Hosman and Joe Pearson as well against fellow prospects like Daniel Aguirre and Alptekin Ozkilic.

Debuting at UFC 150 Against Pague

Up next for Camus is a busy and dangerous Disciple MMA fighter in Pague. Having already fought three times within the UFC over the past seven months, the 25-year-old comes in with a well-versed game. Camus said he understands the dangerous array of weapons his upcoming opponent possesses.

But as the proud native of Milwaukee (check out his tattoo of the city if you don't believe me) prepares to make his UFC debut, he is expectantly confident that he will have his hand raised when all is said and done. And he wants to prove it to the world and his new bosses.

"I want to come in, I want to push the pace, and I want to show the guys at the UFC, Dana, Shelby, and Silva, that I'm another Roufusport fighter that's bringing it to the table, I'm thankful for this opportunity, and I'm ready to show the world what Chico Camus can do."

Predicting a knockout in his debut under the bright lights of the UFC, Camus' matchup against Pague should provide fireworks inside Denver Pepsi Center on Saturday night. The kid from Milwaukee's South Side now has the opportunity to prove just how far hard work and dedication can take a person while also proving his mother proud in the process.

Make sure to watch the US Combat Sports exclusive interview with Chico "King" Camus as he discusses a variety of topics including his battle with Jameel Massouh, why he feels his ground game is underrated, his training at Roufusport, and much more.

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07 August 2012

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