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Premier FC to Conclude Tournaments Friday in Holyoke, Massachusetts

Jeff watts
02 August 2012
Premier FC to Conclude Tournaments Friday in Holyoke, Massac...

As the weekend fast approaches, it brings with it a fork in the road for six competitors. On Friday, three competitors will take home gold and the pride of knowing they came out on top through a grueling tournament, while the remaining competitors will undoubtedly be going back to the drawing board.

Premier FC will be hosting the finals of their welterweight, bantamweight, and featherweight tournaments, as well as an action packed card this Friday from the Log Cabin in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Jeremy Reiphold defeated Adler Scott in the first round of the bantamweight tournament to move into the semifinals where he was set to fight Shayne Stephenson who had defeated Nick Paolini.

As weigh-ins approached for the semi-finals in the bantamweight tournament all seemed well, until Stephenson no showed the weigh in and the event. He made claims that he did not feel well on the day of weigh-ins. This led Reiphold to advance into to the finals of the Premier FC bantamweight tournament.

Meanwhile, Mike Tabor was defeated by Michael Valazquez. Unfortunately Valazquez injured himself and had to forfeit his spot in the tournament. This leads us to a semi-finals match up between Carlos Candelario and Adler Jack. That match upended rather abruptly at only 10-seconds into the first round from TKO. So the match up between Repihold and Candelario is sure to provide plenty of exciting moments for all in attendance.

George Abele and Tyler Rose are, as well, set to meet this Saturday at Premier FC, but in the finals of the welterweight tournament. Tyler Rose defeated both Ray John, and Myles Reid, while George Abele defeated Bret Braxton and Myles Reid. Both fighters are conditioned and understand exactly what it's going to take to bring home the belt.

They've both earned their respective spot in the tournament finals, dispatching everyone in their path thus far. This seems to be that classic match up "Striker vs Grappler" and it's for all the marbles. The winner of this fight will put the amateur welterweights in Massachusetts, if not all of the northeast, on notice when they bring home that belt.

Another fight on the card to take notice of is between Jonas Benoit and Kemren Lochinov. Benoit enters this fight with a 1-0 record in mma but is said to have an outstanding 9-1 muay thai record. Lochinov comes into this fight with a 5-2 MMA record and perhaps the edge in experience. You have to wonder if Lochinov's experience inside the cage play a factor? Cage walking, cage control, takedown defense? Regardless of the direction, this fight has explosive written all over it.

Probably the most anticipated fight of the night is the featherweight tournament finale featuring the rematch of Soap Am and Leone Campbell. Soap Am has quickly become a household name in the northeast after winning three fights against three creditable opponents in a short period of time.

It should be noted that Campbell suffered his only loss at the hands of Soap Am in what must have been the most frustrating moment of his young career. Anytime two of the top local amateurs clash it's sure to create some serious buzz, and this fight is no exception to the fact. Both fighters are well practiced in conditioning, skill, and overall general technique. I cannot reiterate enough that this fight is going to be fireworks and worth the price of admission.

Walter Rodriguez (Lion's den) 0-0 vs Eoghan Lenney 0-0 (Northshore Melrose)
Randy Cole (Northshore Sityodtong) 1-0 vs Lance Brown 1-0 (JJN)
Chris Palacios (Northshore) 0-2 vs Chris Caterino 1-2 (Nuri)
Jonas Benoit (Rough House) 1-0 vs Kemren Lochinov 5-2 (Team Link)
Josue Lopez 2-3 (Gladiator) vs Marvin Maldonado (Bruno Tostes)
Jeremy Reiphold (Team Ravenous) vs Carlos Candelario (Independent) 1-0
Leone Campbell(Sityodong) 4-1 vs Soap Am (Team Pradal Serey) 3-0
George Abele (Sityodong) 3-0 vs Tyler Rose 2-0

The Event is located at:

500 Easthampton Road, Holyoke, Massachusetts 01040

Tickets are $30, $40, and $75.

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02 August 2012

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