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Rener Gracie Introduces Fans to Prankster Bubba Gracie

Eric Kowal
16 July 2012
Rener Gracie Introduces Fans to Prankster Bubba Gracie

If you have ever used a grappling dummy to assist you in achieving ground-game dominance you know that Bubba the grappling dummy is a highly realistic replica of the human figure.

In fact, Bubba is rated the best Jiu-Jitsu training dummy in the world. He has realistic, flexible joints and a durable body for years of valuable workouts and is handcrafted to exacting standards and engineered for ground grappling, throws, takedowns, escapes, reversals and chokes.

So what happens when Rener Gracie, a third-generation jiu jitsu practioner hailing from the most credited family legacy in the sport, gets hold of Bubba?After months of use and familiarity with Bubba, Gracie decided to pull a prank on several of his student and co-workers.

With a clever disguise, Gracie turned Brian "T-City" Ortega, a Gracie jiu-jitsu brown belt, into a look-a-like Bubba. Gracie then set up a hidden video camera in a dark office room and asked those familiar with the dummy to go retrieve him out of the room for practice.

What happened next is pure comedy genius. Take a look below:

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16 July 2012

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