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PICKAFIGHT Application Allows Fans to Predict Fight Winners, Earn Prizes, and Donate to Charities

Eric Kowal
23 April 2012
PICKAFIGHT - US Combat Sports

Remember the good old days before the Internet age when you used to place a friendly wager with your buddies on a particular sporting event such as a football or baseball game, or some other type of competition?

There was always that one person who after the results came in and their prediction was wrong said, "No, I didn't say that. I picked (insert random lie here)." That friend never wanted to admit that they made the wrong pick. Well guess what? Now there's an app for that.

John Tackett, a co-owner of FighterLink, a mixed martial arts business to business networking site dedicated to the growth and success of the MMA community, has just released an application for your iPhone that lets your enter your fight predictions for nearly every major MMA event on the planet.

Tackett said he and his wife Jennifer were watching a fight early last year when they got into the very argument over the outcome of fight. One said the other had changed their prediction so they decided that they needed to develop a system to track their predictions.

It was from there that they contacted MaxDistro, a web development company that also specializes in the creation of mobile applications.

It took about a year's time to go from concept to a live version of the product but just three short days ago on April 17, PICKAFIGHT was launched.

Tackett said that you cannot only challenge yourself and your friends but you can take on the whole world. In order to use the program the user must fill out a simple registration form and create a username and password.

"You select the fight card you want to pick from, and then you pick the winning fighter of each fight," he said.

There are headshots for most of the fighters as well as a profile to include their professional record, height and weight.

You earn points by selecting the correct fighter. You can then choose the correct round the fight will end, time, and the winning method. Those are all considered to be bonus points.

Even if you select the correct round, time, or method, or even all three but the winning fighter is not correct you cannot earn points. Everything revolves around that fighter.

Choosing the fighter accounts for 10% of the points, the winning method 30%, round 20%, and then if your time lands within five seconds of the actual end time you will score an additional 40%. From there the bonus drops. Ten seconds will get you 30%, 20 seconds = 20% and so on.

"It puts the game right there in the palm of your hand," Tackett said. "You earn those bragging rights over your friends."

Besides showing your friends who is boss, there is another incentive to using the PICKAFIGHT application. The points you earn will earn you coupon codes with various MMA product sites.

Tackett said he is working with several companies to offer winning players with discounts and products as incentive awards. Racking up a certain amount of points will bring you one step closer to the prize.

Tackett, a military veteran is very supportive of a lot of charities that help others especially those pertaining to returning wounded veterans. He said that users will be able to donate their points and Fighter Link with write a check to a charity of their choice in the donor's name.

One of the best features of the program is that a fight promoter/organizer can submit his or her fight card to the program developers to be added to the application. So instead of only providing predictions for major MMA fight cards such as the UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator, the user can challenge others on local fight cards as well.

"Now that the Ultimate Fighter is live we can even make predictions to these fights each week. The possibilities are endless as the sport continues to evolve," Tackett said.

The PICKAFIGHT application is in no way associated with gambling and the owners, creators and distributors of the PICKAFIGHT do not promote gambling in any form.

You can download PICKAFIGHT in the App Store through iTunes on your smart phone and costs only $1.99 The Android version of PICKAFIGHT will be released in late May/early June.

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23 April 2012

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