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Wrestling 101: How to Successfully Execute a Double Leg Takedown

Kyle Carroll
19 April 2012
Wrestling 101: How to Successfully Execute a Double Leg Take...

Anyone deciding to begin the journey into the world's oldest sport must first learn technique. No matter the achievements one ultimately accomplishes, every athlete must start somewhere. And this requires relentless hours of drilling each shot, escape, and reversal in order to successfully compete at a high level.

At the start of each season every year the double leg takedown is the first move taught from the neutral position. After being taught the proper effective stance, a wrestler needs to learn offensive moves.

To start the double leg takedown, the wrestler will need to remember to keep his elbows in when shooting, chest up, head up, lower level, and drive through his opponent. These are some key terms that will help remind the wrestler to take a successful shot.

Here is what to know when attempting a double leg takedown.

First, a setup will be needed to penetrate an opponent's hands, also known as their first line of defense. An arm drag, popping the hands up, holding the wrists while moving them away from the body, and chopping posted hands are all excellent forms of hand fighting to a setup. Anything that opens a foe's elbows away from his body will create opportunities for the person on the offensive.

The next step is lowering the level and penetration. Lowering the level means bending at the knees forcing the athletes hips closer to the floor. Once the arms are clear it opens a path for the penetration. Lower your hips to the ground and place one knee on the mat between the opponent's feet. Lowering the hips allows the offensive player to get underneath the other wrestler similar to football players getting underneath to maintain leverage.

Successful penetration will consist of one knee (shooting leg) being placed between the two feet of the other wrestler, the back must remain straight to maintain posture, chest up with no space between yourself or the other wrestler, and your head up looking across the back on a 45-degree angle to avoid your head being stuffed into the wrestling mat. The shooter's arms should be wrapped tightly around the legs, with your hands pulling in on the calves of the other wrestler a strong grip.

Explosion after penetration and driving through the shot are crucial components for a successful double-leg takedown. After taking a shot and getting in on your opponent, exploding up while driving through them on a 45-degree angle puts the other wrestler off balance.

Moving your feet with as many steps as need until they crumble is important. Much like tackling a ball carrier in football, you need to continually take steps to have the momentum behind you when making contact with you foe.

Finishing to the mat comes next. After following all the steps to a successful double leg takedown, covering an opponent is as important as the setup. When bringing the other wrestler to the mat, be sure to remain on top and off your hip. Once on the mat, being on your toes applies pressure making it more difficult for the other wrestler to escape.

And that is how you successfully complete a double-leg takedown. Stay tuned to US Combat Sports and Kyle Carroll for more technique and understanding on wrestling maneuvers. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter @USCombatSports and @jiblitz77 for similar articles.

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19 April 2012

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