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USCS Supporting Membership Opportunity Now Available

Paul Fladten
01 March 2011
Become a USCS Supporter

The chance to receive the most comprehensive coverage of local combat sports anywhere on the planet is now here with the US Combat Sports Supporting Member package. The world's number one source for local combat sports is now offering individual and business supporter memberships that will offer a multitude of services for each respective plan.

US Combat Sports Supporter

If following your area's local fight scene is something that interests you, the USCS Supporter Membership is an opportunity too good to pass up. The unlimited local combative sports access offers up-to-the-minute results on all of the events taking place in your area. Along with providing you with the most complete coverage, becoming a USCS Supporter will help ensure our mission of growing local combative sports in your community.  

For under $5 a month you will receive access to real-time live results, quick results, the technique of the week, and a USCS Supporter Badge. The technique of the week will feature respected trainers and fighters such as Dan Henderson, Thiago Silva, Duke Roufus, Ben Askren, Hermes Franca, Jorge Gurgel and many more. Also, when you become a member, five percent of your membership dues will be donated to the MMA Youth Foundation, which provides scholarships and equipment for children who do not have the money needed to train.

In order to sign up and receive the most complete coverage of combative sports, follow the Supporting Members link here or on the top of the USCS home page. Becoming a supporting member will not only give you unlimited access to your favorite sport, but also help USCS to maintain the quality of coverage that you have become accustom to. Become a USCS Supporting Member now.

US Combat Sports Business Supporter

Another new feature recently unveiled is the USCS Business Supporter Membership. Similar to the aforementioned individual membership, the business module will offer access to live results, quick results, technique of the week, and a USCS supporter badge. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The focus of the business membership lies in the additional services intended to help build your local business within the expanding combative industry. For just over $16 per month, you will receive a $200 advertising credit, a featured event listing on the USCS calendar, and access to the BusinessEd blog powered by Also, five percent of your membership dues will be donated to the MMA Youth Foundation.

With the amount of fans, entrepreneurs, and potential business partners becoming more and more interested in the local combative sports scene, the USCS Business Supporter plan is an opportunity to showcase your business within a burgeoning media outlet. In order to sign up and begin the expansion of your business follow the Business Supporter link here or on the top of the USCS home page. Take your combative company to the next level and become a USCS Business Supporter now.

USCS Supporter Registration Page

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01 March 2011

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