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Contest Giveaway #8: Brand New Design From Jiu Jitsu Tees

Dan Siekierski
07 September 2009
sunThe wait is finally over and we have a winner. Congratulations to Jason Mills, the first to own an Element AU79 Gold Weave GI from Combat Corner. For this week's contest Jiu Jitsu Tees is giving away another one of their custom t-shirts in the size of your choice! Their "Rising Sun" logo t-shirt is a BRAND NEW design and you can be one of the first to own one.


How can I win?
For those of you who are still new to our weekly contests, each Monday USCS will make a press release that contains "The Question of the Week". Our question will pertain to a specific USCS article posted within the last SEVEN days. However, we are leaving it up to you, the fans, to find the article that contains the answer.

  • Post your answer to the designated contest section of our forum.
  • Answer correctly and you will receive ONE (1) entry.
  • All USCS Facebook Fans receive an additional entry (2) just for being a member. Simply make a separate post on this week's contest forum with your full name as shown on Facebook.


Question of the Week: What is the name of USCS's all-new social network?
Click here to post your answer.



1. The contest opens each Monday afternoon and ends Sunday at Midnight (12 a.m. Monday CST). Any posts after midnight on Sunday will not be counted.
2. Each contestant is allowed ONE (1) post to answer the question. All posts with an incorrect answer will be deleted.
3. If a contestant is, or becomes a member of our Facebook Fan Page he or she will earn an additional entry. However, it is not an automatic entry into the contest. In order to receive TWO entries, the contestant must correctly answer the question AND make a separate post with (1) your name as shown on Facebook and (2) state that you are a member of the USCS Facebook Fan Page. Note: If the contestant incorrectly answers the question, neither of the entries will be counted.
4. The winner will be chosen at random with a number that corresponds to their forum post(s). Facebook Fan Members who correctly answer the question will be assigned TWO numbers.
5. The winner will be announced each Monday shortly after the contest deadline.
6. Previous winners will NOT be allowed to enter in future contests for a period of 3 MONTHS from the date of the winning contest.


Any companies who are interested in marketing their gear or apparel and are willing to contribute to our giveaways please feel free to contact us. We would greatly appreciate your help.
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07 September 2009

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