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Bellator: Sam Alvey Wants Alexander Shlemenko First, Hector Lombard Later

Paul Fladten
03 June 2011
Bellator: Sam Alvey Wants Alexander Shlemenko First, Hector ...

At Bellator 45 Sam Alvey was able to overcome a broken rib, a cut requiring five staples, and some pre-fight jitters in his split decision victory over Karl Amoussou. Now supplanted in the Bellator middleweight tournament, Alvey is as confident as ever and has his eyes set on shocking the world.

During the first round of his matchup with Amoussou, "Smile'N Sam" was faced with three things he had never dealt with before in a fight: his own blood, a broken bone, and nervousness. The blood didn't bother him much though and even took him a while to register it as his own.

"Everyone thought that it was the bloodiest fight in Bellator history and unfortunately I was on the bloody side of it," Alvey laughed. "It was kind of funny because I didn't even realize it was my blood. I distinctively remember getting on top of him and thinking that there must have been a badass fight before this."

The broken rib was a different story though. Unbeknownst to Amoussou's corner or the majority of the viewing public, Alvey broke his rib within the opening moments of the fight. The injury caused Alvey to change his rethink his strategy instantly.

"He threw me and ended up on top of me and as soon as I rolled to the left it hurt immediately. For the rest of the fight I was forced to break off to the right and it definitely changed my plan that night."

While physical injuries are an aspect that a fighter has virtually have no control over, nerves are sometimes a different story. Throughout his 16-fight professional mixed martial arts career Alvey said that Bellator 45 was the first time he was ever nervous. But the victory over the highly touted opponent has given the Team Quest fighter his highest confidence to date.

"I'd hate to be the guy I fight next," Alvey said. "Going into Karl I was a little nervous because of the long layoff and I hadn't had anything to test myself with except my training partners. I went in there and accomplished what I needed to and got the win. So I'm as confident as I can be and nothing's going to stop me from winning this tournament."

Having his hand raised via split decision meant more than just a victory to Alvey.

"I knew I had just made it on the national scene. Everything that I had worked for and done, all the training and hard work, proved to myself and everyone that doubted me that I belong on the national level. It was a pretty cool feeling."

Alvey Wants Shlemenko

Next up for Alvey is the Bellator middleweight tournament that gets underway on September 17. If he has it his way, he'll meet Bellator Season 2 champion Alexander Shlemenko in the opening round.

"I've been looking at the rosters and of the people in it right now there's a ton of talent and personally I would like to face Shlemenko in the first round," Alvey told US Combat Sports. "I like the matchup and I've watched him fight Baker, Lombard, and Cooper and I just like the matchup. I also like what it says about me when I win that fight."

Alvey sees no reason why he won't be the one eventually taking on Bellator 185-pound champion Hector Lombard.

"There is no reason I won't be the one fighting Hector eventually. I've got a bigger record than most of the guys besides Shlemenko so experience is on my side. Also, I'm one of the younger and hungrier guys on the list. There's no reason I can't win the tournament and I will win the tournament."

The victory over Amoussou was gritty, relentless, and a vintage Sam Alvey performance.

"I'll never quit," said Alvey. "My parents instilled that into me with fighting or whatever else I do. I'll go 100 percent and give everything I can until I physically can't anymore. If someone's going to beat me they have to beat me in every area because I won't ever stop."

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03 June 2011

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