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UFC 129: Randy Couture or Lyoto Machida?

Paul Fladten
29 April 2011
Randy Couture vs Lyoto Machida

One of the most stacked cards in UFC history heads to the Rogers Centre in Toronto tomorrow night with two title fights. However, the most interesting matchup may be between former champions Randy Couture and Lyoto Machida in the light-heavyweight division. Fighters from around the Midwest predict the winner.

Sherron "Rob Roy" Leggett: Lyoto Machida will win, he's way to fast for randy. Randy can only hope for a big slam to win.

Dan Downes: I have Lyoto Machida by decision. I imagine Couture's gameplan will be similar to what he utilized to beat Brandon Vera. Unfortunately for him, Machida's footwork and movement are a lot better and I don't see him being able to clinch/grind out a win. Machida counter punches and evades Couture for a unanimous decision victory.

"Captain" Morgan Sickinger: Hoping Couture can pull out a win and finally retire. However, I see Machida looking to bounce back with a win by KO via Head Kick. I'm also calling GSP and Aldo both wining.

Jameel "The Real Deal" Massouh: Machida via decision if he is overly conservative or KO if he finds his range. Randy will have a hard time finding the clinch for the takedown and that's the only way he'll beat Machida. Also, I know that you didn't ask for this prediction but I'm calling it; Mark Hominick will KO Jose Aldo some time after round two.

Ben Askren: It is a tough fight to call. I would prefer that Randy wins, but I think Machida is gonna get back in the win column.

Jesse Lennox: I see this one being a very boring fight. Lyoto is going to run from Randy all fight. Randy is getting better with his head movement and standup however it is not good enough to hang with Lyoto on the feet. Remember Lyoto is one of three people to knockout Franklin. Randy will stalk Lyoto and IF he gets him clenched or against the cage Randy will have his way with him. This fight will end late in the second with Randy chasing Lyoto. Lyoto winner by straight left cross. Also Shields beats GSP. Because I think Shields can take him down and hold him down. This fight will go to the judges and will probably be a split. It will be hard for the judges to give a close fight to the newcomer Shields.

Erik "New Breed" Koch: I'm going Machida. He is very evasive and hard to clinch and I don't think Randy will be able to take him down. Machida TKO 2nd.

Brian Geraghty: Good thing you asked this as I actually had a dream about this fight which I feel will come true... Anywho, Randy will break his hip during his ring entrance due to his old age, but will tough it out and fight only to be tapped out in the third round by a grape popper (a very painful sub similar to the twister) but it doesn't end there. The fight later will be overturned because Machida will fail his piss test from all the deer antler fuzz his has been snorting! But I think I would have scored it a draw.

Nic Huebing: This is hard fight to pick, if Lyoto can keep the distance he will win, but this is Randy's Last Fight and if he can rush Lyoto and get on the inside he will win. Got to go with Randy.

Floyd "Hitman" Hodges: Machida all the way! He's too young and Couture is too old with no chin.

"Smile'N" Sam Alvey: Machida is going to win and I actually think it'll be quick. TKO in round one.

Joe Blake: I think Machida will avoid Couture's takedowns and win by decision.

Anthony Jones: I'm a Couture fan, so I'm gonna say he wins by unanimous decision from takedowns, dominant ground and pound and pure badassness.

Gerald "The Machine" Meerschaert: I'll pick the underdog Jake Sheilds, he's taken damage and came back strong before. Besides even GSP wins there will probably be bonus rounds inside the cage, The Scrap Pack VS Canada. Then I would expect Triple H to come out of the entrance and announce his new appointment as general manager followed by an impromptu hardcore match with Lesnar backstage. If only dreams came true...

Kyle "Wicked" Weickhardt: I'd love to see Randy win, but I think Machida will take it by 2nd round tko.

Adam "Ares" VanderVeen: I think Sheilds will be GSP's biggest challenge lately, but I still give it to GSP. I wish Couture/Machida was getting a little more press. I'd love to see Randy win one on the way out, but he hasn't fought any top fighters since his lost to Brock. Machida on the other hand just had a really good showing against Rampage and is just too dangerous for Couture.

Chico "King" Camus: I'm picking Aachida in this one. Way too fast on his feet and I see Couture having trouble with his athleticism. Machida by decision.

Justin "Bacon" Hutter: I feel Couture puts him against the fence and grinds him out for a Decision win. But it will be a good fight.

Dean Lassiter: I'm going with The Dragon because his stand up is better as long as he uses his karataka range and when/if couture gets him down he has the better bottom game.

Dan LaSavage: I got Machida by KO. I think he will pick Randy apart standing and avoid takedowns he has great range and timing.

Sean Salmon: I think Machida vs Couture is the best fight on the card and the most overlooked. There is no belt involved. Everytime I think of Machida and what he can do, I think he is going to win and the same when I think of Couture. If I have to pick, I am going with Couture. I believe that he will close distance well, keep distance when he needs too, control the ground when he's on top and avoid fighting off his back. I am guessing it will be a slow paced fight and probably boring to the casual fan, but I can't wait for it!

Mike Biddle: Couture ground and pound round two.

Myles Jury: That's a tough one because of Machida's style and Couture's age. You can never count Couture out but I think Machida will move and not get taken down and will out point him. So I say Machida by Decision.

Hank Agallar: I'm going with Randy by decision, even though I think he is way past where he was just a year or two ago. Randy will close the distance and take Lyoto down. Machida is dangerous but not when the opponent is aggressive and smothering. Randy has great timing and a real ability to close distance. Plus he's the natural and natural is good.

Razak Al-Hassan: I'm seeing Machida by KO or TKO by late 1st or mid 2nd. Machida is way to quick on the feet for the aging Natural and even though Randy has been on a 3 fight win streak two of those wins were over an obsolete Coleman and James Toney, enough said. Plus Machida has shown KO power by stopping Silva and Rashad and Randy has been KO. Machida by KO or TKO no later the 2nd.

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29 April 2011

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