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Morgan Sickinger discusses #1 ranking and upcoming Combat USA Tournament

Jeremiah Cady
11 June 2010
morgansickingerOn June 18, at the Rave Eagles Club,  "Captain" Morgan Sickinger the top ranked featherweight in Wisconsin is set to do battle with Ken Sitsler in the Combat USA Fighting Championship, a fight 5 years in the making...


Sickinger and Sitsler both started in the fight game 5 years ago and were set to fight each other early on in their careers but for several reasons it never happened until now. USCS sat down with the ‘Captain’ to discuss his top billing and his upcoming fight.


USCS: “How does it feel being ranked the #1 Featherweight in Wisconsin?”


Sickinger: “Great accomplishment!! It’s a great stepping stone for the rest of my career.”


USCS:How hard did you work for it?”


Sickinger: “I train 5-6 days a week, 2-3 times a day.”


USCS: “How did you get your start in MMA?”


Sickinger: “5 years ago Brett Deur first introduced me to MMA, by showing me a tape of his one fights, he thought it would be something that I could do. He also introduced me to Fox Valley Grappling Club.”


USCS: “What is the importance of fighting at Fox Valley Grappling Club?”


Sickinger: “I have a lot of respect for Bill Krieg (founder of FVGC), it is a great fit for my 20 years of wrestling experience.”


USCS: “What do you say to those that say your Konquer The Kage Featherweight championship win over Brian Learn was controversial?”


Sickinger: “I had escaped 4 or 5 of his armbar attempts. He (Learn) was gassing in the second round and was trying to end the fight as fast as he could. I don’t think it was controversial. I worked my butt off for that fight.”


USCS: “How do you feel about your upcoming fight with Ken Sitsler?”


Sickinger: “I am at 100% for this fight.”


USCS: “What do you know about Sitsler?”


Sickinger: “We started around the same time about 5 years ago. We were going to fight then but it never happened.”


USCS: “Are you worried about Sitsler’s reach advantage?”


Sickinger: “No. I have been training with taller fighters all who outweigh me, so I am ready for him.”


USCS: “What will be your keys to victory?”


Sickinger: “My agility, speed, and strength, I am ready to fight on my feet or on the ground.”


USCS: “What do you think of the rest of the Combat USA Tournament?”


Sickinger: “I am very excited for it. I am hoping for an all FVGC final! I am excited to watch my friend James Peterson’s fights.”


USCS: “How did you get the nickname ’Captain’?”


Sickinger: “(laughs) I have been called that since I was a kid, we tried it for some of my early fights and just stuck with it.”


USCS: “What are your interests outside of MMA?”


Sickinger: “I work at the YMCA as a personal fitness trainer, I have a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. I graduated in the Spring of 2009, so now I am able to dedicate more time to MMA now that school is over.


USCS: “So how do you see this fight ending?”


Sickinger: “I want to finish the fight as soon as possible, but I am ready for it to go the distance. I am dedicating this fight to my friends and family, and to Kevin Geitner, and I would like to thank John Sitt, he is my striking coach who comes up from Chicago every Monday. And to FVGC I think we are the #1 or #2 gym in the state, we are like a family.”


The Manitowoc native is ready for his Featherweight battle against Ken Sitsler at The Rave Eagles Club on June 18. Morgan Sickinger is a humble young man with a bright future in MMA. He is also looking forward to a possible fight in November to unify the KTK belt against Joe Blake.

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12 June 2010

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