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WEC 45: Cerrone vs. Ratcliff Will Be "Showtime" for Anthony Pettis

15 December 2009

anthonypettis2Anthony “Showtime” Pettis is 22 years old, and has one win in the WEC already, over Mike Campbell at WEC 41. This Saturday at WEC 45: Cerrone vs. Ratcliff, Pettis looks to improve his record to 8-0 with a win over Bart Palaszewski and move one step closer to a title shot.


Pettis recently took time away from his busy training schedule to discuss his upcoming bout, and give us some insight into what might be in store for him in the future.


The Roufusport fighter recently had to pull out of several matchups in the WEC due to injury. The lightweight had to pull out of a scheduled fight for WEC 40, and again had to pull out of a matchup for WEC 44. But, “Showtime” says injuries happen, and he’s used his healing time to improve his game.


“The big thing I learned (from battling through injuries) is I hate not training”, says Pettis. “I hate being away from the gym, if I’m not at home I’m usually at the gym. Injuries are going to happen, I realize that, and you have to take time off for your injuries.”


Recalling his injuries in the past the lightweight says, “I watch from the sidelines and pickup more, so when I come back I can train even better.”


The WEC fighter when asked about his training camp, says that it’s, “Going good, I’m in awesome shape.”


“Showtime” describes a training regimen that focuses on both him and his opponent, he says, “I train my weaknesses all the time, I do train for my opponents too. I train to exploit their weaknesses.”


Pettis is looking forward to another fight in the WEC, and feels more comfortable with the process that is involved with a large promotion. In his first fight in the WEC, the Milwaukee native admits he was nervous, but explains that now, “I have a sense of what’s going on, I have an idea of how the weigh-ins work, the press, also I won’t have the pre-fight jitters.”


When asked to describe what he thinks his opponents strategy might be, “Showtime” points out that, “He is a tough dude that likes to throw fists. I’m pretty sure he is going to stand with me and exchange some blows and try to get the better end of it on the feet. And, if I get the better of him he’s going to take me down; this is mixed martial arts, the fight can go either standing or on the ground. I’m prepared for anything.”


Also the WEC veteran is quick to point out that, “no one has seen my striking skills (as far as anyone outside of WI), and my striking has gotten better since my last local fights. I’m going to win over a lot of fans.”


The Roufusport fighter was willing to share a prediction with USCS, he begins by acknowledging that, “ He’s a tough opponent, and I don’t get paid overtime for fighting, I want to get in and get out.” He continues, “I’m predicting a first round finish; by highlight submission or Knockout of the Night. I want that Submission of the Night bonus or the Knockout of the Night bonus.”


The undefeated fighter has finished six of his seven fights in the first round. After predicting another first round victory he was asked for his opinion on “ring experience” since he still doesn’t have much as compared with other fighters at the WEC level.


“I get my experience in the gym” says the lightweight, “I train with guys like Pat Barry, Eric Schafer, guys like Alan Belcher, Ben Rothwell…if I win in the first round I’m going to keep doing it. If there’s a guy that can get in there with me and bang with me for three rounds I’ll take that too.” Pettis finishes by boasting, “when I get to my fight I want to show off.”


Pettis is not a believer in the idea that a fight starts once you enter the cage, or even when you get hit for the first time. Rather, he believes it starts when you find out who your opponent is.


The undefeated fighter warns, “for me the fight started 2 and a ½ months ago. I’m going to the gym 2 times a day, watching video, all I’ve been doing is eating, sleeping and drinking Bart Palaszewski.”


At only 22 years old, and with a long career ahead of him, the young fighter gave his thoughts on where he sees his career going. He says, “my career is going up, I’m just knocking on the door right now. Next year will be a huge year, I want 3-4 fights next year and hopefully a title shot if I keep being victorious and I keep my head right. I’m taking this a 100% serious.”


The lightweight fighter is quick to acknowledge the coaching he receives at Roufusport, giving credit to Eric Schafer, Pat Barry and Duke Roufus. He insists that “Duke is a hell of a coach, I always learn something new…he’s a phenomenal instructor.”


The young fighter believes that with the level of training, coaching and talent he has, he will eventually be in the UFC. “I plan on staying on top”, he says. “there’s no rush for me, but yeah for sure, I will be eventually fighting in the UFC.”


Showing a true level of class, Pettis wanted to say, “Thanks to my coaches and teammates, and everyone involved with my training camp and USCS, and it’s ‘Showtime’ on Dec. 19!”

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15 December 2009

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