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Strasser Discusses His Fight, Gym, and Promotion, and Vents About Regulating MMA in WI

19 November 2009

davestrasser2aUSCS announced earlier this month that Dave Strasser will be fighting on December 5th in Costa Rica.  We managed to catch up with the fighter/coach/gym owner/promoter to talk about training among other things going on, and in the process, Strasser went on record about his feelings toward MMA regulations in WI.  His view might surprise you.


Earlier this week USCS spoke with Strasser about his upcoming match in Costa Rica.  Strasser explained that he received a call a couple of weeks ago, and that this fight seems like a good opportunity for both him and his gym.


When asked about his opponent, the welterweight said, “I know he’s shorter and stockier, he’s a jiu-jitsu guy, he’s probably more ground than standup.”


Strasser explained that he has taken the fight in order to help build a relationship with a gym down in Costa Rica.  He said, “They want me to help train down there, like a sister school to help exchange fighters.”


The ex-UFC fighter said that he is in good shape, and that he doesn’t tend to train specifically for his opponents. “I’ve been trying to help other people out for their fights” he says, “so, I’m in pretty good shape, and I’ve been doing 2 a days.”  He elaborates, “Bottom line is you have to be in shape.  You have to be in good shape so you can adjust your game plan as it happens.”


When asked how much longer we can expect him to fight, the thirteen-year veteran speculated, “I’ll fight if it helps our gym, our show, who knows how many more I’ll have.”


In talking with the owner of his Freestyle Academy he also gave us some insight on what to expect from other members of the gym.  He informed USCS that Jameel Massouh is training for an upcoming bout for WEC 45: Cerrone vs Ratcliff, and that David Olivia has a bout coming up in Poland.


Strasser said that Brian Geraghty (whom he claims is the best coach in the world) will be fighting in Costa Rica on December 5th as well.  Geraghty will definitely be busy, as he is also slated for the Main Event of the upcoming Freestyle Combat Challenge on November 28th.


The Freestyle Academy owner/coach/fighter explained the difficulties of three professions rolled into one.  He says, “When you run a gym its not teaching.  There’s a lot of things overhead that people don’t realize, if it was just teaching it would be a perfect job.  Not everyone training in MMA can be a teacher, and just because someone is a good teacher doesn’t mean they will be a good owner.”


The Freestyle Combat Challenge owner also hinted at a big move for the promotion that is in the works. The promoter informed USCS that he’s been working on a deal to bring his Freestyle Combat Challenge over to Japan.  He states that there is a major sponsor over there that is interested in bringing the promotion over seas.  If the deal can get worked out, it would be a great opportunity for fighters from the area to get international experience.


Towards the end of the interview; when asked if there was anything else he wanted to say, Strasser stated that he wanted to go on record about the current push to regulate MMA in Wisconsin.  The thirteen-year MMA veteran says that, “I am completely AGAINST the commission.”


The fighter/promoter uses the National Football League (NFL) as an example to show that MMA does not need government regulation.  He explains, “The NFL is self regulated.  They have a union, that’s what we should do, have a fighters union.”


The idea of government involvement in anything can be an un-nerving idea for anyone.  Strasser stresses that, “If you look at what the government does some is good, but most is horribly bad.  If anyone has dealt with the government (implying the states regulating body) in Florida, it’s horrible.”


The ex-UFC fighter went on to address the notion that; without regulations, the UFC, WEC and Strikeforce promotions won’t come to our state.  He argues, “The UFC won’t come without a commission?  They go to England, there’s no commission there. How do you think the Thiago Alves vs Matt Hughes fight happens (referring to UFC 85: Bedlam where Alves weighed in four pounds overweight), they call it a catch weight.  The UFC wants a monopoly.”


In summing up his argument Strasser admits, “I’m scared of the government running something we should run ourselves.  We’re adults, everyone here is an adult, the government just causes bigger problems.”


With so many things in the works for Strasser the fighter, the promoter, the coach and gym owner, it would seem that the last thing he want's to add to his list of things to do is having to deal with  a government run regulatory body.

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19 November 2009

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