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UFC Veteran Sean Sherk Unveils Breaking News

Paul Fladten
13 November 2009

seansherkFormer UFC lightweight champion Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk will be in Wisconsin this weekend serving as a referee for the Extreme Cage-Fighting Organization; the Minnesota native discussed the ECO, his career, and broke some news about his next fight.



Age Old Question


When fans discuss the greatest fighters of all-time, names such as Fedor Emelianenko, Randy Couture, and Chuck Lidell are commonly addressed.  But with a career record of 33-4-1, Sherk believes that his name should also be thrown into the mix.


“I should be among that list,” said Sherk.  “My credentials over the last ten years have been real good.  I’ve been ranked top two in the world in two weight classes, I’ve been the number one contender in the UFC in two different weight classes, won a world title and defended a world title.  I’ve done pretty much everything that I could have done in the last ten years.  I would hope that people would put me in the list of history’s best fighters.”


The Minnesota Martial Arts Academy fighter owns victories over some of the world’s best fighters, including Kenny Florian, Nick Diaz, Karo Parisyan and many more.  His only losses have come against Matt Hughes, Georges St. Pierre, B.J. Penn, and most recently Frankie Edgar.

When asked about his loss to Edgar, Sherk was quick to point out that he had no interest in a rematch.


“To be honest with you, I’m not really interested in fighting him again.  I’d rather fight the big guns.  I’d love to fight B.J., Kenny, or Diego. Somebody like that.”


Question of Age


At 36 years of age, Sherk understands that his time in the cage is becoming more limited.  But with a physique and training regimen that is second to none, Sherk knows that he has a few good years left.


“My game plan is to fight until I’m 40 years old,” said Sherk.  “That would give me a 15 year career, which is very long as a professional athete.  I would like to hit the 50-fight mark.  I still feel like I have a lot to prove and I still feel I can prove it.”


Sherk had been scheduled to face Gleison Tibau at UFC 104 in Los Angeles, but was forced to pull out of the card due to injury.  Sherk said that he suffered a class two and partial separation of his shoulder.


In order to get back to marquee matchups with the likes of Penn, Florian, or Sanchez, Sherk understands that he will need to impress the UFC brass in his upcoming fights.  He broke the news of his next opponent.


Future Opponent


“I’m fighting January 2 against Rafaello Oliveira,” said Sherk.  “I haven’t studied him yet, but I know he has fought my training partner Nick Lentz in Dallas.  Lentz beat him, and he’s been able to give me some good advice on him.”


The bout, which will take place at UFC 108 in Las Vegas, has not officially been announced by the UFC.  The contest should prove to be an exciting matchup, and allow for Sherk to get back on the winning track.


Along with discussing his career, Sherk also talked about his upcoming duties at Saturday’s ECO show.  He said that he is going to ref the action, sign some autographs for fans, and just meet as many people as he can in the Wisconsin community.


“I’ve been to a couple of fights in Wisconsin before,” said Sherk.  “I don’t know too many fighters on the card yet, but hope to get know some new faces when it’s all said and done.”


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13 November 2009

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