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David Rhoads Discusses Fighting, Coaching, and His New Gym

28 October 2009

Dave_Win_editedSome of you may already be familiar with David Rhoads the fighter, and now with the opening of Typhon MMA we will be introduced to David Rhoads the coach.  Typhon MMA is the newest MMA training facility in the state, and they just had their grand opening earlier this month on October 12.



Rhoads who is a professional fighter in the featherweight division is the new owner and coach of Typhon MMA.  The ex-Tengu MMA fighter recently took the time to talk with USCS about his new gym and his role as a coach/fighter.


Typhon MMA Training Center


The new training center is in Allenton WI, and is situated in what use to be an old auto garage.  The facility is 2800 sq. ft. with room for expansion, and is visible from US 41.  The gym has two UFC boxing bags, one Muay Thai bag, two full size wrestling mats, a tractor tire, heavy ropes/chains, and light weights.


Rhoads said they will offer Kickboxing, BJJ, Wrestling, Boxing, and Fitness Based MMA.  The Fitness Based MMA is for people that want to get in shape and train in MMA without actually competing. 


Rhoads: The Coach


The new coach explained that in his first fight ever (which was three years ago) he fought in an unsanctioned fight.  He explained that he enjoyed fighting but quickly realized that if he was going to invest all of his time in fighting he at least wanted it to be “organized”.


Since that time Rhoads has been trying to improve both himself and others within MMA.


The featherweight explains that he is not interested in doing anything else other than fighting and coaching, he states, “I didn’t want to be a manager or promoter type, I just want to be a fighter and a coach.”


Since Typhon is so new, naturally most of the fighters are new to MMA too.  Therefore, the new coach plans to focus on the basics.  He says, “starting out for the first 6 months we’re going to focus on strength and conditioning…we’ll train a lot of technique.” 


The three time state qualifier in wrestling plans to use traditional wrestling drills for strength and conditioning, but clarifies that they do try to keep everything MMA based.


Rhoads also thought of a unique way to help keep his fighters motivated during training.  The new coach described a rewards program for things like “hardest trainer”; where the fighters can win things like gloves, shorts, or running shoes.


When asked what some of his goals are in coaching, Rhoads states, “I want to see them grow and progress, not just in the sport, but as people. I want to make sure that they’re the best fighter possible.”


Rhoads: The Fighter


Besides being a coach Rhoads is also a professional featherweight fighter with a 2-1 record.  He’s coming off of a loss to Matt Brown in which after only a minute and a half, he broke his hand in an exchange and had to forfeit the fight. His next fight is scheduled for December 5 at the Washington County Fairgrounds.


The featherweight may not have much experience as a professional, but he has already fought against most of the current title-holders in his division as an amateur. 


When talking about these tough opponents Rhoads says, “I wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for those guys.” He uses his fight with Joe Blake as an example; when he fought Blake he had only been training for a month, he recalls, “he was a guy that opened my eyes at how good you can be”.


Even though he respects his previous opponents and the current title-holders, the Typhon fighter doesn’t want anyone to think he doesn’t still want a title himself.  He warns, “I give them respect, but I will have to come after them sometime.”


When asked if he had plans to quit fighting to focus on coaching Rhoads laughed and said, “I will compete until someone tells me to skip the coaching; I will fight until I am an old man”.


For more information regarding classes and scheduling contact David Rhoads or Nikki Roskopf 262-689-7478 or you can email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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28 October 2009

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