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Zak Ottow Looks to Make Major Splash in Pro Debut Against Mike Rhodes At NAFC Colosseum

Jake Larsen
01 May 2012
Zak Ottow - US Combat Sports

The North American Fighting Championship "Colosseum" at Potawatomi Casino on May 4 is going to be a platform for some of Wisconsin's up-and-coming fighters to show they have what it takes to advance to the top of the sport. Milwaukee's own Zak Ottow is one of those fighters.

Ottow has spent 13 months competing on the amateur level and has logged five fights. These 13 months were spent cultivating his game to create the well-rounded fighter that is stepping in the ring at NAFC this weekend.

"I have been able to fight in several different venues and build up enough of a record to get a title fight which was another stepping stone to get to where I am now," Ottow told US Combat Sports. "Every guy that I have fought, no two have been the same and we did that on purpose to get me out of my comfort zone."

Despite their best efforts, Ottow has been far from out of his comfort zone when he steps into the cage. Ottow has fought in three different weight classes, 170, 185, and 205-pounds, and has never met an opponent that proved to be too much.

Ottow's next challenge will be the most important of his early career. With that being said, Ottow is treating this fight with the same intensity as any other. "I take everything I do seriously and I hate to lose."

Ottow has sharpened his competitive attitude through years on the football field. As a high school All- American inside linebacker and a safety at the Air Force Academy, Ottow leaned abilities on the field that would assist him with his transition to the cage. "You have to be able to think quickly, react quickly, and completely love contact."

Along with the skills he learned on the football field, Ottow puts in the time in the gym and utilizes all of the camps that surround and support him. During the week he spends his time at Pura Vida teaching techniques to students.

"With teaching students you constantly get those details engrained in your muscle memory and your constantly reminded of all the details so you stay really sharp on your fundamentals."

These fundamentals culminate on the weekend sduring sparring sessions with other gyms affiliated with the Rebel Alliance Fight Team which consists of Pura Vida, Red Shafer MMA, Neutral Grounds, and Unified Martial Arts.

"There you can open up. Other high level fighters are there. You can test your skills and then go back the next week to the drawing board and work on the skills you need to work on."

This weekend Ottow will display all of these skills in a battle against Roufusports Mike "Biggie" Rhodes with both fighters making their professional debuts and both are looking to start their careers off in the right direction. At NAFC "Colosseum" in the Potawatomi casino, we will see if all of Ottow's hard work will can help him succeed against another quality opponent.

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01 May 2012

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