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Five Amateur Champs Crowned at EFC 10

Dom Velando
31 May 2009

efc10reviewEvolution Fighting Championship's marathon fight card, "Nite Life Ink's Birthday Brawl" would have left us dead from exhaustion if not for the high-energy (rowdy) fans. Despite a lack of big name-power, the amount of action packed into those twenty-three fights was nothing short of amazing, including five amateur title bouts.


Featherweight Championship


The crowd chanted "Rocky!" as Death Row Fight Team's Rocky Delorme battled Nick Dupees of Team Ruffdawg for the amateur featherweight belt.


Despite Delorme's hectic pacing and superior wrestling, he did very little with his takedowns. Dupees was the more dangerous fighter, threatening with armbar and guillotine choke attempts.


After hitting a reversal, Dupees mounted Delorme in the final round and punished him with hammerfists, clinching a split-decision.


Heavyweight Championship


Todd Raymond (Army Combatives) needed only fifty seconds to tag Adam Kope (Team Sixel) with a right hand, take him down and finish him with a modified rear naked choke.


Middleweight  Championship


A very intense Kevin Geigtner (Death Row) bombarded Trae Mittnacht (Tengu MMA) with punches, forcing him to shoot. Geigtner reversed the takedown, only to find himself trapped in a fight-ending triangle choke.


Fight of the Night

Flyweight Championship

Easily the most technical and turbo-charged fight that night, Team Sixel's John Barker and Brian Bagin of Tengu MMA fought relentlessly to the bitter end. Though Barker's punching combinations and leg kicks gave him the edge in ranged combat, Bagin inflicted damage with knees from the clinch and exhibited superior wrestling.


Both men celebrated as the final horn sounded, but two of three judges gave Barker the nod.


Lightweight Championship


Neutral Ground's Ryan Landry demonstrated the most impressive jiu-jitsu of the night, working a high guard on Kyle Schweitzer (Death Row) and continually threatening him with armbars and triangle chokes. Of course, Schweitzer didn't make it easy for him, slamming his way out of the sub-attempts and chipping away at Landry with ground and pound attacks.


Landry met the horn opening the second round with a cut on his eyebrow and Schweitzer made Landry pay for a botched spinning hook kick by tagging him with a straight punch. Landry responded with a takedown and Schweitzer worked a guillotine choke. Landry eventually slid through his opponent's guard and mounted him. Schweitzer gave up his back, and Landry took it, submitting Schweitzer with a rear naked choke.


Screwjob of the Night


Waukesha MMA's Nick Marti lost a point after kneeing a downed Joe Krus (Team Sixel) in the head in the third round. However, Marti spent the first two rounds either hooked onto Joe Krus' back, trying to choke him out, or sprawling on/reversing Krus' takedowns.


All three judges awarded the fight to Krus, and, inexplicably, one judge even scored every round against Marti, in a decision that had Team Waukesha visibly upset.


KO of the Night


Journeyman John Crummie rushed out and rocked Alexander "The Gremlin" Peterleus with accurate punches, but in his excitement to finish him off, Crummie got too close and ended up folded against the cage. He then somehow resisted a tight arm triangle, jumped to his feet and then bombarded Peterleus with punches. Once again, Peterleus drove Crummie to the mat, mounted and punished him. Crummie was saved by the horn.


Peterleus immediately grabbed Crummie up in a bodylock in the opening moments of the second round and drove straight into him. Crummie was keeled over and his cranium smacked against the canvas, dazing him.


A couple of punches later, Crummie had no idea where he was.


KO of the Night Honorable Mention:


Howard Davis (Team Knock Out) showed surprising agility for a big, big man. A high kick and hook kick aimed at Jeremy Davidsmeyer's face foreshadowed a barrage of heavy blows that felled the trapped journeyman.


Submission of the Night

A very intense Kyle Blair lifted Adam Walters by his neck and hung him for a good four or five seconds, forcing the tap and leaving Walters laid out on the floor.


Walk Out Music of the Night


Shane Caddotte (Team Sixel) could have come out to Godsmack or AC/DC (both very popular that night), but he preferred loud, pounding war drums. No melodies. Just war.






“Pankration MMA”

Alex Wilber (Team Sixel) def. Brad Dhein (Tengu MMA) @ 1:08 of R1 via submission (armbar)

Damien Bower (Team Sixel) def. John Van Vleet (Team Ruffdawg) @ 2:38 of R2 via submission (armbar)



Amateur MMA


Chris Beck (Team Ruffdawg) def. Rob Taylor (Morgret Bushido) @ 1:13 of R1 via submission (north/south choke)

Kyle Blair (Fox Valley Grappling) def. Adam Walters (Independent) @ 0:42 of R1 via submission (guillotine)

Shane Hinton (Army Combatives) def. John Gunn (Team Ruffdawg)  @ 1:50 of R1 via submission (guillotine)

Adrian Pierson (Team Sixel) def. Mike Jarumba (Unified Martial Arts) @ 1:23 of R1 via submission (arm triangle choke)

Tony Altman (Independent) def. Monty Cortright (Team Sixel)  @ 2:09 of R1 via submission (armbar)

Marcus McFee (Team Sixel) Ben Schaeffer (Unified Martial Arts)  @ 1:21 of R2 via submission (strikes)

Jeremy Davidsmeyer (Independent) Howard Davis (Team Knockou t) 0:36 of R1 via KO (punch)

Alex Kaczkowski (Neutral Ground) def. Lemitra  Griffin (Team Knockout) via split decision (29-28,  29-28, 29-28)

Brett Packer (Tengu MMA) def. Frank Wares (Scorpion Alliance)@ 1:25 of R1 via submission (strikes)

David Hartline (America’s Best Karate) def. Shane Caddotte (Team Sixel)  @ 1:59 of R3 via submission (rear naked choke)

Alexander Peterleus (Team Knock Out) def. John Crummie (Independent) 0:19 of R2 via KO (slam and strikes)

Joe Krus (Team Sixel) def. Nick Marti (Waukesha MMA) via unanimous decision (28-27, 29-27, 30-26)


Lightweight Championship

Ryan Landry (Neutral Ground) def. Kyle Schweitzer (Death Row) @ 2:08 of R2 via RNC


Flyweight Championship

John Barker (team Sixel) def. Brian Bagin (Tengu MMA) via decision (48-47 49-46 48-47)

Middleweight  Championship

Trae Mittnacht (Tengu MMA) def. Kevin Geigtner (Team Sixel) @ 1:17 of R1 via submission (triangle choke)



Heavyweight Championship

Todd Ramen (Army Combatives) def. Adam Kope (team Sixel) @ 0:50 of R1 via submission (choke)


Featherweight Championship

Nick Dupees (Team Ruffdawg) def. Rocky Delorme (Death Row Fight Team)via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)



Brad Resop (Unified Martial Arts) def. Drew Reed (Independent) @ 1:59 of R1 via submission (strikes)

David Rhoads (Tengu MMA) def. Danny Soko (Chosen Few Gym) 1:48 of R1 via submission (strikes)

Jake Spurgin (Tengu MMA) def. Wes Ronchi (Itaska Fight Club) @ 1:58 of R1 via submission (strikes)

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03 June 2009

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