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Sharkbite MMA Swarms Evansville with Touching Tribute to Chad Sprague

Jake Larsen
25 June 2012
Bill Finn - US Combat Sports

Evansville, Wisconsin was shark-infested on Saturday night at Wild Bills Saloon. Bill "Shark" Finn helped to set up a night filled with kickboxing that spanned across all ages and skill levels.

Along with giving fans the opportunity to enjoy quality kickboxing, the night was also dedicated to one of Sharkbite MMA's greatest fans in Chad Sprague who recently passed away.

Sprague, who began as friends of Sharkbite fighters Dalton and Jon Box, found himself hooked to the sport and more importantly Sharkbite MMA. He followed every event and became a part of the Shark Bite MMA family.

Tragically Sprague took his own life and Sharkbite MMA and the Sprague family lost a beloved member. Finn and the other members of Shark Bite MMA took the opportunity to give back to the Sprague family by donating proceeds from ticket, t-shirts, and concession sales.

Sprague's wife was present to accept the proceeds during the first intermission. The show put on that night was one that Chad Sprague would have been proud to be a part of.

The night was highlighted with an extremely exciting fight between Jake Trozonti and Mathias Guthrie. The two fighters had a weight difference of almost 70-pounds. Guthrie started the fight by imposing his will upon the much smaller Trozonti.

But the control was short lived once Trozonti found that his speed and kicking ability was unmatched by Guthrie's pure strength. Trozonti earned a seconnd round TKO by stringing together a series of punches that was capped off with a kick that landed flush to the chin of Guthrie.

The entire night was concluded with the two headlining fights that brought the fans to their feet. The first of which consisted of Andrew Salamka and hometown favorite Holdin Worley. T

he Evansville fighter's fan base came out in large numbers to support Worley and he would not disappoint. From the very beginning Worley fired out of the gates with pummeling punches that seemed to simply overwhelm Salamka who dropped to the matt after only one minuet of action earning Worley the TKO.

The main event was just as action packed as its fellow headliner. The nights host Bill "Shark" Finn stepped into the cage against a formidable fighter in Gustavo Rodriguez.

The fight got off to a frantic pace with both fighters showing tight form and exchanging combos. It was not until the second round when Finn saw an opening and jumped at the opportunity. It came by way of a quick right hook that caught Rodriguez right on the chin causing his legs to turn to Jell-O. It took 1:22 into round two for Finn to earn the nights only KO.

In all the night brought fans in to catch a glimpse of the sport and the fighters that embraced Chad Sprague and brought him into their fighting family. Sharkbite MMA and everyone involved created a show that generated money for a great cause and also gave a great exhibition of kickboxing.

Video courtesy hochunkprid3

Photo courtesy Miranda Box

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25 June 2012

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