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Sherron Leggett's Arm Dislocated Not Broken, Expects to Resume Training in Two Weeks (Fight Video Included)

Paul Fladten
26 July 2011
Sherron Leggett's Arm Dislocated Not Broken, Expects to...

"Rob Roy" may be a superhero after all.

Less than a week ago, Sherron Leggett got caught in one of the year's more brutal armbars via Jonatas Novaes that instantly put a halt to the Combat USA championship bout and forced Leggett onto a stretcher.

However, Wisconsin's top-ranked 155-pound fighter informed US Combat Sports earlier today that what looked to be a broken bone turned out to be a dislocation and he expects to resume training shortly.

"I'll be training in two weeks," Leggett said. "I gotta just get past straightening my arm all the way. I won't be back in full but I'm gonna start. I hate sitting around."

When asked about the loss to Novaes, Leggett remained positive as has become his customary fashion.

"I didn't quit my arm just did," he laughed.

While no immediate fights are yet lined up for "Rob Roy", he said that his record and history should help him remain a top draw and he hopes to be inching his way near a major organization.

"Considering the work I put in over the years and the level I know I'm at, I still need to be on a big show and everyone agrees. I don't feel I need to take any steps back. Anyone can get caught, this is MMA."

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26 July 2011

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