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NAGA Midwest Grappling Championships 2

Tyler Welch
09 October 2007
Naga Milwaukee

On Saturday, September 29th, Milwaukee, WI’s Bayview High School was overrun by grappling. Hundreds of competitors descended on the school to participate in the North America Grappling Association (NAGA) Midwest Grappling Championships 2. Grapplers from 6 states battled in over 175 divisions competing on 12 mats of action crammed into the sweaty gym for 12 non-stop hours...

The tournament followed the standard NAGA format: contestants from each weight class (flyweight to super heavyweight) compete in divisions based on skill level, age and gender in matches ranging from 3 to 6 minutes. Victories are obtained by either submission, referee stoppage, TKO, forfeit, disqualification, no contest or points, with points given for takedowns, control, guard pass/sweep or submission attempt. Grapplers competed in over 60 No-Gi divisions, 50 Gi divisions, and almost 70 Kids divisions, with first, second and third place awards given in each division of each weight class in the Gi, No-Gi and Kids divisions, with a total of 468 individual awards given. Placing is given to the top 10 teams in Gi, No-Gi and Kids divisions, with 29 total team awards given on Saturday.

Victors of the day included Steve Hall (of Fight to Win) who defeated Fernando Neto (of Jorge Gurgel) to win the black/brown Gi Absolute division;  Mike Rethmeyer (of Vaghi) who defeated David Klerzkowski (of Matamoros) for the No-Gi Absolute title; and Fenton, Mo’s Team Vaghi, who took first place in both the Gi and No-Gi team divisions with 1360 and 1330 points, respectively.

Overall it was an exciting day filled with happiness for some, disappointment for others, injuries for a very few, and grappling for all ages. Wicombatsports.com would like to thank NAGA for putting on the event, all competitors for their enthusiasm and hard work, and Rob Smith from Bayview High School for his help.

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12 October 2007

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