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Chico Camus Signs Three-Fight Deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Paul Fladten
27 April 2012
Chico Camus - US Combat Sports

Hard work truly does pay off. After putting in his time on the local circuit and compiling an impressive record of 11-3, Roufusport's Chico Camus has signed a three-fight deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Known for his heavy hands, the Milwaukee-native with tattoos of different landmarks from around the city across his back is currently riding a three-fight winning streak over Alpetkin Ozkilic, Daniel Aguirre, and Eugene Crisler.

"It's a testament to the program and all of the hard work that Chico has done since he first walked into the gym," Camus' manager Duke Roufus told US Combat Sports. "It's a great honor that Chico has an agreement in place for three fights inside the UFC. His dream has become a reality."

But the journey doesn't end when the UFC contract is signed. Instead it's just the opposite. And Roufus and Camus are well aware of that.

"The dream to get into the UFC is now a reality but to be honest we're not over here popping champagne bottles. This isn't the end of the line rather it's the beginning. The real test begins right now for Chico."

With no opponent's yet named publicly Camus prepares to battle alongside teammates Anthony Pettis, Erik Koch, Alan Belcher and others inside the world's biggest fighting organization. And Roufus says the hard-hitting bantamweight has the power to impress on the national stage.

"People know Chico is a striker, but that's not all that he is," said Roufus. "He's similar to Anthony Pettis or Dan Downes who walked into the gym as beginners and have now put it all together. He can strike but also has improved his wrestling and jiu-jitsu game. He's really turned into an exciting and well-rounded competitor."

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27 April 2012

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