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NAFC Bad Blood: Play by Play Coverage

Paul Fladten
24 November 2010
NAFC Bad Blood: Play by Play Coverage

The North American Fighting Championship’s “Bad Blood” event is set to invade the Potawatomi Bingo Casino’s Northern Lights Theater in Milwaukee tonight. If you are unable to find a way to the show, follow the live play-by-play coverage along with USCombatSports.com beginning at 6:15 p.m.

185 – Matt "Buffy" Thompson (Adrian Serrano's Combat USA, WI) vs. Chris "Golden" Skoglund (Team Skoglund, MI)

R1 - Skoglund and Thompson make their way to the cage as the first fight of the night is about to get underway. Here we go - Thompson misses an early head kick, but lands a double leg takedown. Thompson is able to move to the full mount and he begins landing powerful shots from the top. Skoglund tries to avoid separation but Thompson drops in a quick arm triangle that instantly forces a submission. Skoglund leaves the cage dejected and with a big gash on the side of his temple. 

Matt Thompson def Chris Skoglund at 1:17 of R1 via Submmision (Arm Triangle)


265 – Jason "Highlander" Mills (Highland Fight Systems, WI) vs. William "The King" Penn (Team Deadly,IN)

R1 - Penn grabs an early double leg and then looks to land punches as Mills grabs an armbar. Penn slams him to the ground and then attempts to grab Mills' back. The fight stands and Mills quickly suplexes him against the cage and is in the top position. Penn lands left hands as Mills looks for another armbar. Penn removes his hand and starts landing straight rights and hard lefts. Mills is getting it hard as the ref thinks about stopping it. Al Wichers sees enough and calls an end to the fight. Mills keeps looking for a leg after the stoppage. Mills isn't happy about the decision but he was eating big shots.

William Penn def Jason Mills at 2:12 of R1 via TKO (Ref Stoppage)

155 – Dylan  Falduto (Agallar Combative Systems, WI) vs. Jeff "The Ruffian" Golden (Chicago Fight Team, IL)

R1 - Tough fight to open your pro career for Falduto, but he already should get a point on the judges card for coming out to Regulators...Both guys come together and Falduto grabs a really quick guillotine but can't finish. Golden now takes top position and grabs Falduto's back. Falduto grabs the wrist and Golden sits up against the cage peppering the Falduto with shots. Dylan tries to stand but Golden sommersaults  grabbing the rear naked. Falduto rolls trying to get out but can't escape the grasp. Fladuto stands to his feet but Golden quickly gets him back to the ground. A cut has opened on Golden's forehead hut he stays in steady control of the action. Golden keeps control but Falduto gets put on his back. Thirty seconds remain as Dylan stands up and the fight moves to the feet. The round ends with Golden in complete control. I wouldn't be surprised if the judges scored it 10-8.

R2 - Second round begins with Golden throwing a high punch to hide a well performed takedown. Against the cage now, Golden again starts landing punches to Falduto's head and then takes Falduto's back earning the rear naked choke and forcing the submission.  

Jeff Golden def Dylan Falduto at 1:29 of R2 via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)


145 – Jose "Temato" Pacheco (Adrian Serrano's Combat Gym, WI) vs. Steve Chico (Grappling Contact, MO)

R1 - Both guys fake a kick early and Chico then misses a leg kick. Chico shoots but his stuffed and Pacheco executes a beautiful judo throw giving him side control. Excellent throw that will score points. Both guys scramble and Pacheco looks for an lighting quick armbar. Chico pulls out but Pacheco easily takes side control once again. Pacheco slowly drops in hammerfists until the Chico escapes to the feet. Pacheco lands a good leg kick as Chico misses a looping right hand. Both guys stall until Chico lands a straight right. Chico lands another good right against the fence and Pacheco pulls guard. Chico has a cut on his forehead and eats a punch as Pacheco works his rubber guard as the round ends. USCS sees it 10-9 Pacheco. 

R2 - Chico swings wildly and then falls to the ground to start out the frame. Pacheco jumps on top and lands good elbows to the body. Pacheco rolls from the top for an armbar but can't grasp it and Chico is now in side control. It looks like Chico wants an arm triangle but can't get it. From his full guard, Pacheco swings his legs into a beautiful triangle and then into an armbar. Chico tries to protect but Pacheco grabs it tight. The armbar must not have been bent correctly as Chico holds on and seems fine. The fight jumps back to the feet and Pacheco lands a glancing flying knee as Chico goes for a takedown. Now in Chico's halfguard, Pacheco moves to full mount and then fluidly moves to a beautiful armbar that forces the submission. Pacheco is fun to watch on the ground.

Jose Pacheco def Steve Chico at 4:43 of R2 via Submission (Arm Bar)


135 – Floyd "Hitman" Hodges (Fearless MMA, WI) vs. Matt Brown (Fox Valley Grappling Club, WI)

R1 - Round one begins with both guys keeping the fight on the feet. *The first round of this fight's description was lost via web error.* Hodges continually looked for a huge haymaker while Brown outstruck him with pinpoint accuracy. It was a fun round that USCS saw for Brown 10-9.

R2 -  Both guys continue to keep the fight on the feet and Hodges lands a straight right. Brown lands a one-two combo as Hodges eye begins to swell. Brown lands two good body kicks and is able to avoid Hodges’ trademark bull rush. Hodges continues to look for one big shot but eats a huge punch from Brown that drops Floyd. The fight goes to the ground and Brown pounces on top cinching in a guillotine that forces the submission.

Matt Brown def Floyd Hodges at 1:07 of R2 via Submission (Guillotine)

145 – Brian Learn (Roufusport, WI) vs. Ryan "Bones" Bixler (Team Alliance, CA)

R1 - Bixler looks fast early on in the fight and Learn misses an early head kick. Learn keeps looking for the Roufupsport patented head kick and then lands a leg kick. Bixler looks for a series of supermans but can't connect. Both guys keep throwing rights but none have seriously landed. Bixler goes for a takedown and is able to slam Learn on his back. In Learn's guard, Bixler begins landing quick elbows that opens up a cut on Learn. Learn goes for an armbar but can't get it done. Bixler begins pushing Learn towards the middle of cage landing short elbows. Bixler keeps control of the action against the cage as the round comes to an end. USCS sees it 10-9 Bixler.

R2 - Learn lands a small head kick and Bixler tells him to keep bringing it. Learn lands a kick low to Bixler and apologizes but the action doesn't stop. Learn keeps landing jabs that don't do much damage but score points. Learn lands a leg kick but Bixler once again picks Learn up and slams him on his back. Bixler lands a couple elbows and keeps pushing Learn against the cage. Bixler looks to pass into mount while landing brutal shots to Learn's body. The fight eventually goes back to the feet and Bixler pins Learn against the cage until Bixler takes him back to the mat. A rather uneventful round comes to an end with Bixler in control again 10-9.

R3 - Learn lands a good right hand that Bixler follows with his own. Learn tries landing another right hand but Bixler times it and puts him to the mat with a double leg. Bixler takes side control landing some small knees and elbows in the process. Bixler starts landing rights as Learn tries to push himself off of the cage but to no avail. Bixler keeps landing as Learn looks for any openings he can find. Bixler postures up and starts dropping big rights. Learn eats a huge shot to his forehead that opens up a big gash and causes an immediate stoppage.

Ryan Bixler def Brian Learn at 3:37 of R3 via TKO (Ref stoppage due to strikes)


185 – Eddie "Rock and Roll" Larrea (Next Level MMA, WI) vs. Dan "The General" Bolden (Chicago Fight Team, IL)

R 1 -·Bolden gets the restart off to a nice start as he dances out to Billie Jean. Larrea starts with a leg kick that Bolden follows with a left jab. Bolden lands a solid straight left after another couple of leg kicks from Larrea. Bolden rushes Larrea but Eddie is able to stay on his feet. After a clinch against the cage, the fight goes back to center and Larrea lands a front kick. Boldgen keeps throwing big right hands but isn't able to fully connect. Bolden now lands a good right that Larrea felt. Bolden lands a heavy body punch and goes for a takedown but Larrea reverses it to give himself the top position. Larrea then tries to flatten Bolden out, but Bolden tires standing to his feet and is able to escape under the legs and take the top spot for himself. The first round comes an end with Larrea snapping on a quick triangle and an armbar. USCS sees Larrea securing the round. Bolden's eye is swollen shut and the doctors say that he isn't going to be able to finish. Not the most exciting finish but a huge victory for Larrea.

Eddie Larrea def Dan Bolden at 5:00 of R1 via Doctor's Stoppage·

265 – Chuck "Diesel" Hoskins (Unified Martial Arts, WI) vs. Antoine "Herc" Hayes (Olympian Center, IL)

R1 - Hoskins lands two big shots early and this thing is sgoing to be a slugfest. Hoskins landsanother series of punches as Hayes lumbers towards him. Hayes stalks but eats a punch every time he tries leaping in. Hayes lands a good body kick and pushes Diesel against the cage. The cage is being pushed to its limit. Hoskins lands a leg kick that stutters Hayes. Hayes looks for a double leg but Hoskins escapes. Chuck starts landing huge punches that push Hayes against the cage. Hoskins is so much faster in this bout. Hayes lands a good shot that Hoskins feels. Hayes chases him around the cage and looks for a single leg. Hoskins stuffs it and the fight goes back to the feet. Hoskins lands a huge right punch but Hayes is able to take Hoskins down. Hayes can't pass and the round ends. USCS sees it 10-9 Hoskins.  

R2 - Hoskins looks to land quick rights early and he back Hayes against the cage. Hayes looks to be holding on to gas Hoskins out. Hayes lands a good right of his own. Hayes throws a left hand and almost falls flat on his face. Hayes backs Hoskins against the cage and misses a single leg. Both guys seem tired as Hayes continually stalks Hoskins. Hayes is able to put Hoskins on his back and land lumbering right hands. Hoskins corner screams for him to get up, but Hayes may be weighing close to 300 pounds after yesterday's cut. Hoskins continues to lay on the ground and doesn't seem to have the same type of motivation for this fight than he did against Travis Wiuff. Hoskins tries to kick off the cage as Hayes uses his weight advantage. Hayes lands a few good left hands as the round thankfully comes to an end. USCS sees it 10-9 Hayes.

R3 -·Hoskins needs to work if he wants to win this fight. Hoskins lands a good right early and then both stall afterwards. Hoskins lands a left jab but Hayes answers with one of his own. Hoskins begins looking for body shots as Hayes pins him up against the cage. Hoskins switches position and looks for a single leg of his own, that he couldn't get. Hayes grabs a front head lock that puts Hoskins on all fours. Hayes lands some small shots as Hoskins gets back to his feet. Hoskins lands a huge right that drops the mouthpiece. The action seemed to be ongoing but the ref halts it. On the restart, Hayes pushes Hoskins back against the cage. Hayes looks for a singe leg but eats more punches than anything. The ref breaks up the action as Hoskins seemed to inadvertently take a low blow. With a small amount of time left, this thing is not easy nor fun to score. It restarts and both guys are exhausted. Hoskins throws a few punches as the round and fight mercifully comes to an end. USCS has no idea how the judges will score this fight. Hayes stayed in boring control for a while but also pushed the pace. Hoskins landed better shots but not often.·

Antoine Hayes def Chuck Hoskins via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

The fight was initially scored a draw (29-28, 28-29, 29-29) but was then changed.

145 – Joao "Mosquito" Bosco (Luiz Cladio Competition Team, WI) vs. Sean Barnett (Peak Submission Chute Box Academy, OH)

R1 - Bosco lands an immediate takedown in Barnett's halfguard. Mosquito stands and starts throwing punches and quickly works for an armbar but can't get it. Mosquito pulls guard and locks his legs. Bosco keeps looking for arm bar but Barnett gets to his feet. Mosquito looks for a double leg against the fence but Barnett ends up on top. Barnett does nothing and the fight is stood up. Mosquito takes him down again but goes for a shoulder lock that ultimately puts him on his back. Barnett lands a few short punches but nothing substantial. Using the age to buck off of, Mosquito locks in a beatiful arm bar in a split second and forces the sub. 

Joao Bosco def Sean Barnett at 4:45 of R1 via Submission (Armbar)


265 – Justin "The Fighting Fireman" Lemke (Roufusport, WI) vs. Ron "The Savage" Carter (Dirty C Mixed Martial Arts Academy, IN)

R1 - Carter starts with two good lefts and a glancing uppercut. Lemke answers with a body kick. Carter shoots for a double leg and is able to put Lemke on his back. After a scramble the fight gets to the feet and Lemke takes his turn with a double leg. In half guard, Lemke mixes in small punches  and eventually locks in a quick keylock. Carter can't do anything about it and is forced to tap. 

Justin Lemke def Ron Carter at 2:34 of R1 via Submission (Keylock)


208 – "Smile'N" Sam Alvey (Metz's Combat Club, WI) vs. Jason Guida (Midwest Training Center, IL)

R1 -·Another big test for Alvey. Guida starts with a leg kick and Alvey misses a jab. The fight starts slowly as both guys feel each other out. Gudia leaps in and lands a punch but Alvyey landed a good counter of his own. Alvey lands a good left jab. Alvey again lands a jab as Guida dives in. A small cut has opened on the side of Guida's head. Guida lands a leg kick but is having trouble catching the quicker Alvey. Guida shoots in, picks up Alvey, runs him across the cage and slams his back into the cage post. Sam falls to his feet, but Guida picks him up again and slams him to the mat. Guida is in Alvey's halfguard and is able to pins Alvye's head and reign down big lefts. It looks as if the action might be called but Alvey gives a thumbs up. Big turn of events. The round ends after Guida was more than likely able to steal the round with the flurry of left hands and big slams. USCS sees it 10-9 Guida.

R2 - Both guys start slow again. Alvey lands a couple of good jabs as Guida rushes him and puts him against the cage. Alvey reverses it and the fight goes back to the center. Alvey looks for a big left but eats a jab. Alvey works the right jab three or four times. Guida lands a straight right and just misses a head kick. Alvey looks extremely hesitant tonight. The jabs however are taking their toll on Guida's face and Alvey starts throwing some combos. Guida tries for a takedown but puts Sam against the cage instead. The round comes to a close and USCS sees it 10-9 for Alvey. Third round should decide this one. 

R3 - Alvey lands a good jab to start out the round. Alvey's strikes are starting to return to form as he lands a solid right. Guida lands a hook of his own. The crowd starts to chant "Sam" and he could use a little pick me up. Guida begins to land a few leg kicks that are scoring points. Both guys trade punches. Alvey jabs and Guida looks for a takedown that could win the fight. Against the cage, Guida starts landing low knees. Gida lands a low knee that has Alvey in agony. On the restart Guida goes for another takedown but instead Sam falls on top. Guida gets right up and his weight advantage his showing. Guida picks Alvey up and slams him hard to the ground. Alvey gets back to his feet but he is more than likely losing the round. The fight ends and both guys cheer to try and steal the judge's decision, but USCS sees round three more than likely going in Guida's favor 29-28.

Sam Alvey def Jason Guida via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

140 – Chico "King" Camus (Roufusport, WI) vs. Jameel "The Real Deal" Massouh (Dave Strasser's Freestyle Academy, WI)

R1 -·An awesome stare down to start this thing out. These guys are intense and this fight could be great. Crowd is heavily Camus. Camus lands an early right and a huge straight left. Camus lands a good leg kick and his striking looks good early on. Chico looks fast as he lands another strong left jab. Camus lands a nice overhand right. Camus ands huge two big combos and is striking hard early. Massouh lands a body kick and is able to take Camus down from behind. Massouh locks the legs and sits against the fence looking for a rear naked. Camus is in trouble and Jameel locks it in deep. Camus' leg is shaking but he holds strong. The momentum has surely changed and Massouh keeps looking for the choke. Camus does a good job staying active and avoiding the submission and comes close to reversing until the experienced Massouh keeps working for the choke. An excellent first round comes to a close with Massouh in control. Camus' striking was excellent early, but Massouh controlled the second half of the fight. Judges choice which was more impressive.

R2 - Back to the feet  and Massouh lands the first punch. Camus needs to keep it standing and he lands a solid right of his own. Massouh lands a front kick that drops Camus but he jumps back to his feet. Against the fence in a clinch Massouh is able to throw Camus to the ground, but Camus sinks in a guillotine for a short time. Massouh pulls his head out and remains on stop. Massouh leaps to his feet and throws a lunging punch that looks like it landed. Massouh lands in half guard and then works on passing guard but gets caught in another short-lived guillotine. Chico goes for a quick leg triangle but then works on getting to his feet. Right away Massouh takes him down once again. Massouh lands a few shots as the round comes to an end. USCS sees it 10-9 Massouh.

R3 - Massouh glances with an uppercut to start the round and then lands a leg kick. Camus connects with a jab but then eats one in the process. Chico lands a strong right hand. Both guys take turns landing good shots. Camus just misses a big right, but then connects on another as Massouh leaps inside. Massouh goes for a takedown but Camus is able to land on top into Massouh's half guard. Anything can happen here as Camus tries to pass, but Massouh uses his legs to defend. Massouh is able reverse the position after using a hammerlock wisely. The crowd chants Chico but Massouh keeps working into stronger positions. The round comes to  a close with Massouh landing good shots. Massouh was able to weather Camus' early storm and use is superior ground game to get a well deserved victory.  USCS sees it Massouh.

Jameel Massouh def Chico Camus via Unanimous Decision


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02 December 2010

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