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2008 USCS Arnold's / UFC Blog

Adam "Chewy" Saenz
01 March 2008

Whuttup, Milwaukee?? It's only day two of our great Arnold's/UFC excusion in Columbus, Ohio, but we've already caught up with quite a few friendly and interesting characters. 

    Our departure from Mitchell Int'l went smoothly, as I was confronted by security about a box cutter in my book bag. Fortunately, the lady had an excellent sense of humor and didn't subject me to a background check/cavity search. Then I realized that I, the designated photographer, forgot my camera. Perry saved the day and delivered it to the airport, putting me in debt to him in the form of multiple burritos.

     Our first night in Columbus, Gabe and I caught up with Rich Franklin and Bruce Buffer. We asked Franklin who he's rooting for in the Silva/Henderson fight and he claimed that he doesn't care. When we asked hm if the UFC is coming to Milwaukee anytime soon, he looked at us like we were touched in the head. Meanwhile, I heard that Mike Goldberg and Mauro Ranallo sound like announcers even in casual conversation, but when we asked for Bruce Buffer's autoraph, he didn't say, "IIIIIT'S TIIIME!"

     Dana White put on a pretty extensive interview at the Arnold's and fielded a lot of stupid questions ("When are Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice gonna fight?") from the general public. Some chick went up on the mic and said, "What do I have to do to get two front row seats to the UFC tomorrow night?" and Dana replied, "All you gotta do is ask." So she asks, and he breaks her off two front row seats, just like that. Not bad.

    We were also lucky enough to coincidentally room at the same hotel that some fighters were signing at, including Shonie Carter and Chris Lytle. We also checked in on  Randleman's crazy ass as he put on a seminar in which he demonstrated how to lift your opponent into the air power-bomb style, and then punch and/or knee them while they're in mid-air. He then revealed to us that he plans on fighting Jeff Monson at World Victory Road. 

    And so tomorrow we'll be attending the NAGA grappling tournament, UFC 82, UFC 82 afterparty and much more.

    Special shout-out to Tyler aka "Stache-Money-Millionaire".


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