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American MMA Gi's: A Review

09 May 2008



American MMA Gi’s offer quality.  It's thick like a double or triple weave judo gi making it harder to grip or be choked upon than your average jiu-jitsu gi.

American MMA offers three different gi’s ranging from $85 to $120 and they come in three different colors, white, blue and black. The gi in this review is the black one which goes for $120.

The collar is thick and durable. The material is strong and will not tear easily. Overall the top fits loosely, almost as a traditionally Judo gi and could become a nightmare for the person who prefers no-gi. It offers a lot of play and favors the grip fighter. The loose fitting offers comfort and challenge. The top also is not too heavy to cause the body to overheat, but not to light to not cause a sweat. The sleeves come to a decent length. Mine came down a few inches before my wrists.

The gi pants fit proper. Depending on your height they may be a little long. I’ve been using a six and am barely six-feet tall so the pants hung a little loose beneath my feet but that will shrink with washing. The pant material is also, hard to keep a grip on. Like the top the material is just right, not causing a down pour of sweat down your crack, but still builds up enough heat in your body to make the work out that much more fun. The cord for the pants is thick and won’t break easily, though their may be some loose threads here and there, but that’s nothing a snip of scissors or a knife if you’re Rambo won’t take care of.

Overall I’ve rolled in the gi a good half dozen or more times and have been submitted rarely from the result of the gi. Collar chokes have been hard for my opponents to get mostly because the thickness and difficulty gripping. Really the only person that’s used the gi to choke me is Jon Friedland, because he’s a black belt and black belts know how to do things.

On a side note, if you do choose to purchase this gi, be sure not to wash it with lighter colors. Some people found that out the hard way when other gi’s got stained from the darkness of the black gi, which I’ll be dubbing as the ninja gi.

The gi’s can be purchased from Ammerican MMA’s Web site ( or from the store located at 4829 124th St. W.
Savage, MN. 55378. Equipment can also be ordered over the phone by calling (612) 816-0436.

Quality material, hard to grip and comfortable. American MMA’s gi’s aren’t half bad. On the grading scale, I’d give them a B.
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11 May 2008

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