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Evolution Fighting Championships Results

22 January 2008

It was about 4 degrees at Ke-West Sports in West Bend on Saturday, so a low turn out for the Evolution Fight  Championship on the 19th could have been expected. However, about 250 people showed up bearing through the cold weather to catch what was surprisingly, an excellent night of fights.

Pro Fights:

Ryan “Prodigy” Stock and Tony “Lionheart” Heavey started out the pro card. The fighters weighing in at 155lbs were prepared to bring each other some kind of pain. Stock, an 18 year old high school student fighting for Team Crazy, came out swinging with pink hair at his opponent. Team Out Cold’s Heavey, with wrapped feet, maintained a calm focused look upon his face waiting for his opportunity to strike and strike he did. Heavey quickly landed a head kick on Stock and though Stock maintained very good composure after the blow, Heavey could only follow through with more violence. Stock had good defense but it was nothing for Lionhearts vicious assault. Heavey brought Stock to the ground after working a series of kicks and knees. It was downhill for Stock and he received his punishment from Heavey who ended the fight with a guillotine choke late into the first round. The lightweight Heavey did a break dance victory and was ready to celebrate, not only his victory, but also his daughters first birthday.


Middleweight fighters Cruz Chacon and Tim “Archangel” Nixon competed next for a rematch. Chacon appeared in a BJJ shirt and Gracie shorts whereas Nixon came in wearing Muay Thai shorts and blessed all the corners. Nixon definitely had a height and reach advantage over his opponent. When the bell rang Nixon, who had previously defeated Chacon in their first fight, attempted to land head kicks on Chacon, but Chacon did well on defending himself from them. Chacon circled the ring with an old school Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu stand up game and eventually got his opponent on the ground. Chacon worked thigh kicks on Nixon who was on his back. Chacon won the fight with a referee stoppage 2 minutes into the first round. Nixon’s knees couldn’t hold to Chacon’s powerful thigh kicks. The two are 1 and 1 on each other and will most likely fight again on a later date.

Eric Adams and Reese “Old Man” Shaner finished up the pro card. The heavy weights came out confident though Shaner appeared to be much larger than his adversary. 

Team Crazy’s Adams took Shaner to the ground and had mount but a perhaps to early arm bar attempt caused him to lose his ground. Shaner, out of Fighting Irish MMA, worked his Adams with a series of elbows and knees, eventually bloodying Adams forehead. Shaner won the fight shortly after taking Adams back and submitted him with a rear naked choke near the end of the first round. The Old Man stood proud with his victory as his opponent threw up from what one could only speculate as exhaustion.

The night started out with amateur heavyweights Charlie “Freight Train” King and Bill Schmidt. The two men would have their first official fight with one another. They stood ready, yet slightly nervous as one would be for their first time in a ring with an audience. Schmidt relentlessly attacked his foe and with 38 seconds into the first round he took the fight with a rear naked choke.

Next up was a lightweight bout between West Bend’s very own David Rhoads and Don “The Boss” Schmidt. The pair went most of the three rounds but Rhoads came out as the victor. Schmidt had good defense but received a beating from Rhoads and had a bloody nose and torn ear by then end of the fight. After several sub attempts throughout the fight Rhoads ended Schmidt by total knock out 1 minute and 40 seconds into the third round. The two hurt each other badly, and Rhoads in a post fight interview could only say, “My eye hurts.”

Zach Schmidt from West Bend and Derek Vandussen fighting for Team Out Cold of Lansing Michigan would finish up the amateur bouts. At 145 the featherweights did a intense  battle between one another. Schmidt showed superior ground and pound technique whereas Vandussen good old school BJJ and worked from his back throughout the fight. The first round was marked by Schmidt ruthlessly slamming Vandussen into the ground but Vandussen maintained composure ant went for several sub attempts. Schmidt controlled most of the fight working from the top with punches and knees and even a kimura attempt. The fight lasted all three rounds and Schmidt took the fight with unanimous decision.

Main Event:
It was a featherweight battle Saturday night between Milwaukee’s Gary Schaumberg (2-0) and Colorado’s John Sargent (1-8). The fighters came out looking ready to do battle, Sargent sporting a handlebar mustache in the blue corner and Schaumberg missing a tooth in the red. The bell rang and the 145 pounders attacked one another. Sargent pulled off a throw on Schaumberg but quickly lost position and gave his opponent full mount.

From then on Schaumberg rained arms and elbows on Sargents face and ended the fight with a switch in to guard and a triangle choke. The fight ended 2 minutes into the first round. Schaumberg stood victorious with another victory under his belt. The Ultimate Fighters Noah Thomas raised the victors hand when the fight was called.

Other Stuff:
Between fights there were plenty of things going on. The Ultimate Fighters Noah Thomas made his presence at the show, and if you don’t know who he is, he was one of the guys that got kicked off the Ultimate Fighter Five for street fighting in the 8th episode. Envy Ink was at the event, and was available to give tattoos to anyone who desired one.

The West Bend Marine Reserves color guard presented arms in the ring as Daniel Tillman, a West Bend native as well, sang the national anthem. Chesty Ring girls and Snap Fitness representatives tossed out free t-shirts and miller high life hats in the mix of things. Overall it was an entertaining night full of battles, blood, and glory.

Videos and Pictures will be posted later this week. Make sure to check back! 

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23 January 2008

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