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Tyler Welch
16 November 2007

 Riverside Submission Challenge
(Nov 9th and 10th)

Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells is an impressive facility: acre after acre of land, towering hotel complexes scattered about, an impressive water park and….a giant inflatable dome.

riverside submission challenge

You might laugh, but it’s actually a great place to hold a tournament. Riverside Submission Challenge, working with Chula Vista, commandeered the dome for the November 9th and 10th event, spreading 10 plus high quality 40x40 mats across the huge expanse of concrete flooring, surrounded by chairs and plenty of space for competitors and spectators alike...

The only thing that was missing was a cage – due the unfortunate cancelation of the planned Gladiators Fighting event (due to insufficient time for preparation) – an absence that had similarly unfortunate repercussions on the ambitious young tourney. Event coordinators Christian and Justin (of Beaver Dam’s Third Heaven Martial Arts) expected somewhere in the range of 150 to 170 competitors, but due to a number out of state cancelations, as well as a widespread rumor that the entire tournament had been canceled, instead received approximately 60 pre-registrations and 10 to 20 walk-ups the day of.

The level of competition was high, though, despite the unexpectedly low turnout. Some of Wisconsin’s best grapplers made their way to the Riverside Submission Challenge, putting on a great show for all those in attendance. Some weight classes had to be combined, in order to accommodate the limited number of entrants, but that only served to increase the level of competition. The plan for was 72 total weight & skill divisions, with the addition of kid’s divisions and the Absolute category. 7 ambitious competitors entered the Absolute, with belt level ranging from 2-stripe white to purple. The battles were epic and included a few upsets, including one by Twisted Fitness’ Andy Acker, who came in at 2nd. Justin “Bacon” Hutter (of Neutral Ground) was characteristically dominant, utilizing his signature “knee on face” to wear down his opponents and contort them into whatever necessary position. In one of the most anticipated confrontations of the day, “Bacon” faced off against Jason "KAZ" Kazmierczak (of Matamoros) for a rematch of a close bout a few years ago. The rivalry was all in fun, though, as all in attendance really just wanted to watch a match between 2 local purple belts. “Bacon” was once again victorious, submitting Kaz with an arm triangle from the mount position. That was just the first match of the Absolute, though, as Bacon had to charge through Mike “The Volt” Vaughan and Andy Acker to win the division. Valiant efforts were also put forth by Omar Choudhury (Gladiators Fighting Flyweight champ), Kyle Courtier and Gabe Wahhab, who also competed in the division.


“Learn how to play, learn how to compete – have fun.”


This was the message of black belt instructor Marcello C. Monteiro for the students of his seminar on the evening preceding the competition: don’t mistake training for competition, and competing with fighting - although BJJ found its notoriety on the streets and in the wild parties of Rio, don’t mistake what is a competitive sport and martial art for a deadly weapon. Professor Monteiro took students through a 3 hour seminar that includes sweeps, escapes, stories and more. A man known as an “encyclopedia of BJJ” talked to students about the importance of control, technique and understanding the nature of BJJ – a pursuit that is as much a physical chess match as a combat skill. Monteiro talked and took pictures with attendees until security literally had to escort everyone from the building, and was back the next morning, coaching and cheering his students, as well as other competitors.


Although the Riverside Submission Challenge did not pull the numbers they hoped, all involved were still pleased by the quality of the tournament – in terms of competition, lodgings, organization, and facilities. The Chula Vista is happy to host the event, and has contracted the Riverside team for another 4 years. Hopefully the word will spread and this fledging tournament can grow into its potential.


Event Results:

Absolute Division

 1st  Place- Justin “Bacon” Hutter “Neutral Ground”

2nd Place- Andy Acker “Twisted Fitness”

3rd - Tie - Mike Vaughan and Omar Choudruy “The Blast” and “Matamoros”


Adult Mens Expert Middleweight No Gi

 1st  Place- Mike Vaughan “The Blast”

2nd Place- Andy Kazik “Green Bay BJJ”

3rd Place- Ryan Williams “Matamorous”


Adult Mens Heavyweight Expert No Gi

 1st Place- Leon Lewis “Marcello Monteiro”

2nd Place- Chad Cracroft UW Superior

3rd Place- Damien Decorah “Team Coroner”

4th Place- Wes Pulver “Twisted Fitness”


Adult Men’s Expert Lightweight No Gi

 1st Place- Omar Choudry “Matamoros”

2nd Place- Tim Stephens “Third Heaven”

3rd Place- Peter Miller “Third Heaven”


Adult Men’s Intermediate No Gi 175-195

 1st Place- Kyle Courtier “Duke Roufus”

2nd Place- Jim VanderWeilen “Third Heaven”

3rd Place- Mike Goldthroup “The Blast”


Adult Men’ts Intermediate No Gi Under 175

 1st Place- Luke Summerfield “Neutral Ground”

2nd Place- Luke Imes “Camarillo Revolution”

3rd Place- Wade Barden “Third Heaven”


Men’s Novice No Gi

 1. Brian Wachter

2. Jason Schmidt

3. Jim Vanderweilen


Adult Men’s Beginner No Gi 135-155

 1st Place- Paul Nickels berg “Team Monteiro”

2nd Place- Patrick McHugh “Third Heaven”

3rd Place- Ken Vitols “Monteiro”

4th Place- Josh Kristoff  “Third Heaven”


Adult Men’s Beginner No Gi 171-185

 1st Place- Andy Acker “Twisted Fitness”

2nd Place- Wes Pulver “Twisted Fitness”

3rd Place- Ron Robson “

4th Place-Brad Roeske “Third Heaven”


Adult Men’s Beginner No Gi 156-170

 1st Place- Tim Blackstone

2nd Place- Justin Barron “Revolution Defense”

3rd Place- Ivan Luke “Revolution Defense”


Adult Men’s White Belt 135-155

1st Place- Gabe Wahab

2nd Place- Brady Siabnaler “Camarillo Revolution”

3rd Place- Ken Vitols “Monteiro”

4th Place- Mike Jaremba “Third Heaven”


Adult Men’s White Belt 156-170

 1st Place- Jacob Correa “Monteiro”

2nd Place- Evan Johnson “Third Heaven”

3rd Place- Higirio Mirand


Adult Mens White Belt 171-185

 1st Place- Mike Goldthread “The Blast”

2nd Place-  Brad Roeske “Third Heaven”

3rd Place- James VanderWeilen “Third Heaven”

4th Place- Aaron Smith “Monteiro”


Adult Men’s White Belt 186-225

 1st Place- Andy Kazik “Green Bay BJJ”

2nd Place- Aaron Johnson “Portage ATA”

3rd Place- Chad Cracroft “UW Superior”

4th Place- Ron Robson “Monteiro”


Adult Men’s Blue Belt 141-170

 1st Place- Luke Summerfield “Neutral Ground”

2nd Place- Dan Darby

3rd Place- Adam Messing

3rd Place- Tim Stephens “Third Heaven”


Adult Men’s Blue Belt 185-220

 1st Place- Ryan Williams “Matamoros”

2nd Place- Leon Lewis “Monteiro”

3rd Place- Andy Acker “Twisted Fitness”


Adult Men’s Purple Belt

 1st Place- Damien Decorah “Team Coroner”

2nd Place- Mark Roloff “Third Heaven”

3rd Place- Greg Klemp “Reality MMA”

4th Place- Mike Vaughn “The Blast”


Women’s Gi

 1st Place- Michelle Dickinson “Camarillo Revolution”

2nd Place- Alison Krauss “Monteiro”

3rd Place- Diane DiSalvo “Twisted Fitness”

4th Place- Molly Malone “Monteiro”


Women’s No Gi

 1st Place- Michelle Dickinson “Camarillo Revolution”

2nd Place- Diane Disalvo “Twisted Fitness”

3rd Place- Alison Krauss “Monteiro”


Teen’s Submission No Gi Heavyweight

 1st Place Justin Houng “Third Heaven”

2nd Place Alex Thaurammitt “Third Heaven”

3rd Place Shawn Garrett


Teen’s Submission No Gi Lightweight

 1st Place Alex Thaurammitt “Third Heaven”

2nd Place Shawn Garrett

3rd Place Alex Trevino


Teen’s Submission Gi Lightweight

 1st Place Jared Johen “Monteiro”

2nd Place Alex Thairummitt “Third Heaven”

3rd Place Alex Trevino


Teen’s No Submission 75 lbs and under

 1. Andrew Debrock

2. Nate Romero

3. Luke Tachick


Girls Gi

 1. Kaitlyn Wellnitz “Third Heaven”

2. Dannylin Link “ Links Martial Arts”


Kids No Gi No Submission

 1. Emily Catlin

2. Luke Tachik

3. Kaitlyn Wellnitz


Kids Gi No Submission

 1. Andrew Debrocke

2. Kaitlyn Wellnitz

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17 November 2007

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