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NAFC Warriors: Elias Garcia Defends Title But Pays Heavy Cost Against Cameron Monyelle (VIDEO)

Jake Larsen
29 July 2012
Eli Garcia - US Combat Sports

In the end Elias Garcia concluded his night at North Amercian Fighting Championship “Warriors” with the flyweight title. But not in the fashion in which he intended.

Garcia squared off against Cameron Monyelle in what on paper seemed as though it would be a very exciting fight. Moynelle, son of gym owner and trainer Craig Monyelle, has a very extensive background in kickboxing along with a 5-2 record as a mixed martail arts fighter. This would surely be the biggest test of Garcia’s young career.

The fight started off with Garcia trying to close the gap between the two fighters trying to negate Moynelle’s strong kickboxing skills. Garcia succeeds and takes the fight to the ground where he continues with his game plan of ground and pound on Monyelle.

Moynelle landed a few kicks from his back bloodying the nose of Garcia. This same thing continued into the second round. At this point, the fight takes an turn. Monyelle lands an up kick which is against the rules in amateur fighting. Referee Al Wichgers than takes a point away from Monyelle and returns the two fighters to their positions.

Monyelle than takes the ankle of Garcia and rolls him into a knee bar. The hold only lasts a matter of seconds but clearly inflicts a lot of pain of Garcia. The hold is illegal in amateur MMA and Monyelle was disqualified. Monyelle seemed to be uncertain and displeased about the outcome of the fight. Garcia ended up getting the win but was helped out of the ring by the paramedics due to his ankle injury.

Garcia will continue his reign as the flyweight WFC champion and will hopefully be back in the ring at full strength as soon as possible.

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29 July 2012

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