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Kevin "The Alley Cat" Croom - Brings a New Game to RFA6

Trula Howe
17 January 2013
Kevin "The Alley Cat" Croom - Brings a New Game to...

Kevin “The Alley Cat” Croom (7-5 of Jackson-Winkeljohn MMA / Mean1 MMA) will face Brian Davidson (10-3 of K2L Grindhouse) at Resurrection Fighting Alliance 6: Krause vs. Imada, this Friday, Jan. 18 in Kansas City, MO, at the Scottish Rite Temple.

The event will be broadcast LIVE on AXS TV.

Considered a prospect by many of his coaches and peers,Croom brings a whole new game to the ring this time.

Croom, while not an Albuquerque native, began training in New Mexico approximately four years ago. He made the decision to come to Jackson-Winkeljohn, after an undefeated amateur career (20-0) and a solid beginning to his pro career.

Croom said“I needed to either go big or go home!”

The Alley Cat finally made Albuquerque his home about two years ago and it was just a few short months ago, he came to the realization - like many fighters who try to make their way in the world of MMA - that, “no one is gonna do it for me.”

Not currently being employed by UFC or other big fight promoters Croom realized he would have to pursue the personal attention he needed, and not wait for it to come to him. So he sought out Jackson’s MMA & Wrestling Coach Chris Luttrell, for more personal attention.

“I know to the core of me, I have the potential, I need someone to show a little love, take an interest in me, and that’s what Coach Luttrell has done.”

When asked his opinion of Croom as a fighter, Coach Luttrell replied, “I love Kevin. Any person who picks up and leaves their comfort zone to follow his passion, that says a lot about him. He’s a very strong wrestler, and he always comes to fight in great shape. He has a great work ethic and he pressures you, which breaks a lot of fighters. He's a prospect because of his work ethic and the fact that he is very coach-able. After every practice, asks ‘how did I do’, he’s self-critical, always wanting to learn and improve.”

Alley Cat added extra training sessions at Mean1 on top of already training at Jackson’s facility, which includes weekly Sunday circles; and he also sought out Coach Chris Avila for additional work.

Avila praised Croom’s recent progress, “his standup is really melding with his wrestling, from more work with mitts. The sky's the limit for him, he has a lot of heart when he fights; if you push him, he doesn't resist; in fact, he wants to work harder. Croom is not recognized enough for the talent he has. He’s good at what he does and constantly works to get better at everything else.”

Still looking to improve himself, he went to “Momma D” Jo Jones for his strength & conditioning as well as diet.

“She’s really upped my strength & fitness.”

He also began to work on his mental fitness; “I really got turned on to a sports psychology guy. I realized I had a mental block, I was in the best shape ever, but I had gotten caught in going-through-the-motions training, and I wasn’t fighting to my potential. I also learned the importance of resting my body, as well as taking my ego out of the whole thing. I’m taking better care of my body outside the gym, also. Now that mental block is gone, and I’m ready to go!”

When he is not training at Jackson’s, Mean1 or Momma D’s Dungeon, Croom holds down a job and recently began attending college at CNM. For more information on the upcoming event, visit


photo by Ana Maben

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17 January 2013

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