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Josh Torres Ready to Test Himself against Joe Gomez at Warehouse Rumble 2

Trula Howe
26 July 2012
Josh Torres Ready to Test Himself against Joe Gomez at Wareh...

Josh "Pitbull" Torres, one of New Mexico's rising boxing stars, will be the main event on Friday, July 27, at Warehouse Rumble 2: Friday Night Fights at YDI Wool Warehouse; he will be taking on Joe Gomez (18-6-1).

Although this will be the most experienced fighter Torres has faced so far, he is unfazed: "It motivates me, makes me want to put myself to the test. I'm excited, always want to test myself, I have for my whole career."

Torres (7-2-1, of Albuquerque, NM, Team Tapia) is an Albuquerque native, South Valley born and bred, who began his boxing career at 14-years old, beginning with classmate and friend Vincent "Lil Man" Mirabal and his father Richard.

He amassed an impressive 37-5 amateur record, winning every fight locally, on only losing by decision on greater regional and out-of-town matches. He made his professional debut, under Robert Padilla, while he was still in his senior year of high school, at Rio Grande HS, just a few months after his birthday, and a few weeks before he graduated.

"While other kids were looking at what they wanted to do with their lives, I was already on my path." He won that debut by RTD after the second round, but it wasn't until his second fight, when he knocked down his opponent twice in the first round, that he realized he had the knockout power that would manifest over his impressive career so far.

In 2010, Johnny Tapia, the late 5-time-world-champion-boxer, took an interest in Torres, after seeing him fight on a Golden Girl promotion. It was around that time, that Tapia discovered his real father was actually Jerry Padilla, Torres' uncle. They began to talk regularly, and soon Torres came to spar at Team Tapia, where he has remained ever since.

Torres' most recent fight took place on June 30, 2012 in Longmont, CO, against hometown fighter Raul Carrillo (10-1) in a six-round battle.

"It was definitely a hard fight, he's a tough kid, but I thought I had done enough to win the fight. I was pleased with my performance; I left it all in the ring. I know Johnny would have been proud."

When he came home, head held high, he approached Chavez Promotions about getting a slot on their next card. Chavez, who had been at the Colorado match, was thoroughly impressed with Torres' performance, and not only offered him that fight, but chose to make him the main event, and build the card around him, right away.

Already in fight shape, just 3 days after his most recent fight, Torres has stayed busy, not taking a break; he supplements his training at Tapia with swimming and running. When he is not training, he also works full time at Jake's 4th Street Barber Shop, who is also one of his sponsors. In addition to all of that, he is the proud father of a 7-month old son.

"I just want to thank my girlfriend, who helps me out SO much. She's a great mom, and we've grown so much together. It was her who got me out of a dangerous lifestyle I was living. She's been a blessing to me."

Torres would also like to thank his sponsors King James Progressive Designs,, Sky Management, and Gordo's Jewelry. Weigh-ins take place Thursday at Sadie's Restaurant at 2pm. For more information on the upcoming fight, call Isabel Chavez @ 505-261-1502 or Joann Bueno @ 505-319-4543.

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26 July 2012

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