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USCS Amateur Spotlight: Jackson-Winkeljohn's George Clynes to Headline MMA Summer Showdown

Trula Howe
18 July 2012
USCS Amateur Spotlight: Jackson-Winkeljohn's George Cly...

Jackson-Winkeljohn MMA amateur fighter George Clynes will be headlining the MMA Summer Showdown, which takes place at Miryamura High School in Gallup, NM, on August 4, 2012, against Clube de Pitbull Jiu Jitsu's Greg Chavez, for the lightweight title.

There will be three other title fights, and many other gyms from around New Mexico, Texas and Arizona represented at this collaborative event: Bio-Dog MMA, Mean1 MMA, Bushido MMA, Perez Fighting Systems, Lujan's TKD, Sanchez MMA, Lovato's, Animal Freak Fitness, ABQ Kickboxing, J5 MMA, Team Kill It, Momma D's Dungeon, Sandoval's, Duke City Ronin, as well as some independent fighters.

US Combat Sports caught up with Clynes, after he finished a grueling session of strength and conditioning with the renowned D Jo Jones, at Momma D's Dungeon, to talk about his upcoming main event.

Originally from Brownsville, TX, Clynes began his journey into martial arts by training in USA Boxing with the local Boys & Girls Club, when he was 16, and earning a 4-0 record as an amateur.

He graduated from Hanna High School and immediately joined the United States Marine Corps, where he became a Scout Sniper. As mandated by the Corps for all Marines, Clynes participated in MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program), and earned his green belt in the art. He served for eight years, including three overseas deployments and one wartime mission.

About six years ago, while recruiting in Albuquerque, he met and worked with Jackson's pro fighter, Matt Leyva, a fellow Marine. The two became friends, and Clynes began to train at Jackson's also, for a short time. When he got out, honorably discharged at the highest level, One-Alpha, he decided to pursue a degree in political science at Texas A&M.

When he graduated in 2007 and moved to Houston, he decided he wanted to pursue a career in MMA, "I was good at it and I wanted to see where it could take me." He joined Pat Miletich's camp, and when teammate Sam Hoger branched out to start Hoger MMA, he went along with him.

A little over two years ago, Clynes decided to come back to Albuquerque and Jackson's, "I realized it was the place to be, for MMA." Since that time, he has fought and won his first three MMA fights; his win at the last Gallup event impressed the promoter and earned him the main event at this amateur card.

His training regimen includes classes and sparring with the professional fighters at Jacksons, strength & conditioning with Kelly Tekin and Momma D (also includes swimming); he collaborates with coaches Chris Luttrell (Jacksons and Mean1 MMA), Nick Gonzales (Momma D's Dungeon), and even calls up coach Sam Hoger, to work on his game plan.

When he is not training or fighting, Clynes is pursuing his 2nd degree, this time in Engineering, at CNM; he also frequently goes back to Texas to visit his family. After this fight, Clynes is looking to move up in the ranks: "This fight may be my last amateur fight." He would like to thank Coach Chris Luttrell, Momma D Jo Jones, Kelly Tekin, and all of his teammates at Jacksons, for helping him prepare.

Tickets are available at Sammy C's, Xtreme Ground-N-Pound, and Sanchez Academy; also available at the door and the price is $20 for general admission, $50 for ringside seating. Doors open at 6pm, first bell rings at 7pm.

photo by Will Fox, aka the Fox Identity

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18 July 2012

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