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KOTC Ignite: Donald Sanchez Remains Bantamweight Champion with Quick Stoppage Over Jimmy Van Horn

Trula Howe
13 August 2012
Donald Sanchez - US Combat Sports

For the second consecutive time (and 8th cumulative), KOTC Bantamweight Champion, Donald Sanchez (27-13 of FIT NHB) has successfully defended his title, at King of the Cage: Ignite, this past Saturday, August 11, 2012, at Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino in Santa Fe, NM.

Sanchez faced challenger Jimmy Van Horn (4-7 of Spartan MMA) for a short half round. Sanchez started the action with an outside leg kick, the two exchanged combos, but Sanchez finished the exchange with a jab and a Throwdown, which he did not follow to ground, but waited for Van Horn to stand up and go again.

This happened twice, and the second time, Van Horn pulled guard, trying to trap Sanchez' arm, but Sanchez escaped, punished Van Horn with jabs against the cage, then throw him down again. After working back to the center of the cage, Sanchez dropped Van Horn with a swift upward 45; Van Horn staggered up and over to the side of the cage, where Sanchez dropped him again with an uppercut.

That was enough for Van Horn and he verbally tapped out at 2:32 of the first round. Although rumors have been going around that Sanchez may have made one of his last local appearances, Sanchez could not confirm anything but only said, "I'm not sure what's next; all I know is I've got to stay ready."

Montoya Destroys Morris

Co-main event featured Joshua "The Destroya" Montoya (10-7 of Alchemy BJJ/Judgment MMA) against Wyoming's Frank "The Tank" Morris (2-5 of Stomp Dat MMA). Morris struck first with a straight push kick and a takedown attempt, then he pulled guard, but Montoya calmly stood up, dropping a headshot. Morris landed a few spinning backfists, but Montoya, remained unfazed and continued to land body and head kicks.

Morris pulled guard again, but Montoya trapped an arm and scrambled around to the side, driving in knees and dropping short elbows, then taking Morris' back. Morris walked up the cage and stood up, finishing the first round by pulling guard again and attempting a triangle. Montoya began the 2nd round attacking Morris' legs, followed by a flying knee to Morris' head. Morris went down and Montoya quickly gained a full mount; Morris tapped due to strikes nearly one minute into the second round. In post-fight interview, Montoya gave Morris credit for toughness, but suggested he go down a weight class.

Rounding Out the Night

In the only professional fight to go all three rounds, Adrian "Killer" Cruz (Judgment MMA) faced Jesus Urbina (El Paso Jiu Jitsu). Each round featured a bit of striking exchange, more blows landed by Cruz, and the majority a struggle on the ground between two experience grapplers. Although Urbina had several submission attempts, Cruz escaped all and gained dominant positions the majority of the time. In the end, all three judges saw that Cruz had dominated at least two rounds, and he won by unanimous decision.

Ray "The Tazmexican Devil" Borg (1-0 FITNHB) made his professional debut against the very tough Gene Perez (3-3 of Perez Fighting Systems), and true to form (4-0 as an amateur, all first round submission wins, three RNCs and a guillotine), he submitted Perez by rear-naked-choke at 3:01 of the first round.

Derrick San Miguel (1-2 of ABQ BJJ) defeated Danny "The A train" August (1-2 of 307 Elite) in a single round of grappling, but San Miguel ultimately took August's back, flattened him out, then applied a quick rear-naked choke at 3:33 of the first round.

There were eight amateur fights that night, including the KOTC Amateur Middleweight contest and one female fight:

Jeremy Oyenque (Warrior's Training Academy) def Chris Milne (Controlled Chaos) by standing guillotine at 2:05 of the 3rd round.
Daniel Gonzales (FIT NHB) def. Isaac Johnson (Altitude MMA) by unanimous decision.
Skyler Pendleton (ABQ Kickboxing) def. Richard Humes (Altitude MMA) by body triangle 1:08 of the 1st round.
Mark Farmer (FIT NHB) def. Court Bullard (ABQ Kickboxing) by TKO, ref stoppage due to strikes at 2:55 of the 1st round.
Sage Everidge (ABQ BJJ) def. Dalton Jaquez (The Get Fit Gym) by neck crank submission at 1:17 of 1st.
Zuhey Quezada (SFF BJJ) def. Rosa Acevedo (Final Round Fitness) by unanimous decision.
Mike Manning (ABQ BJJ) def. Greg Sprecher (Team TNS) by TKO, ref stoppage due to strikes at 1:45 of 1st round.
Aaron Perls (SFF BJJ) def. Thomas TJ Baca (Albuquerque) by TKO, ref stoppage due to strikes at 1:37 of 1st round.

Photo by Dave Friedlander

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13 August 2012

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