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Jacksons MMA Series VIII: Joey Villasenor Outlasts Donnie Liles in Main Event; Leyva, Tucker, and Villa Earn Stoppages

Dave Friedlander
03 June 2012
Jacksons MMA Series VIII - US Combat Sports

Donnie Liles showed up for the main event of Jackson's MMA Series VIII in top shape and with a clear game plan: take Joey Villasenor down and pound him out. And it worked to perfection for the first round. Unfortunately, there was a wrinkle in Liles' plan.

Villasenor, a veteran of nearly 40 professional fights that has fought in almost every major organization since earning his first pro win in April of 1999, knew just how to stifle his opponent's attack.

Liles was able to enforce his game plan in the first round, but in the second and third frames Villasenor used his excellent takedown defense to keep it standing where he patiently outscored Liles.

In the second round referee Craig Zellner gave Liles a stop for a supposed eye poke which Villasenor protested insisting that his fist was closed and that Liles was just plain hurt.

The extra rest added a little wind to Lile's sails and in the third round he tried goading Villasenor to engage. Howerver, Villasenor didn't bite on Liles' desperate ploy and instead showed experience and poise in slowly dismantling Liles, including a knee to the stomach that landed a millisecond after the final bell and folded Liles in the corner.

The late strike capped off an impressive performance from Villasenor and raised his record to 29-10. Following a tough yearlong span that saw him drop three straight bouts, the Jackson's MMA fighter has reigned successful in two of his last three bouts.

Leyva, Tucker, and Villa Earn Stoppages

In the co-main event the emerging Matt Leyva notched another win against fellow military veteran Mike Chupa. After a few standing exchanges and a scramble on the ground Leyva wound up in Chupa's guard where he swarmed.

Chupa ultimately suffered an injury to his eye and was forced to verbally tap to the delight of the partisan crowd. Leyva won in the main event of Jackson's MMA Series I and has been riding the momentum ever since having many wondering when his shot at the next level will come.

In the night's second pro fight Jackson's MMA fighter Hunter Tucker added a third win to his unblemished pro record by tapping out the game JR Sotello by front guillotine. Tucker grabbed the choke standing Sotello against the cage and held on despite Sotello countering with amazing grit for nearly a full minute.

"I got my elbow in real deep. I knew I had it tight. I knew JR doesn't quit but I felt I could finish so I held on," Tucker said after the fight.

In the pro opener Rocky "The Angry Aztec" Ramirez and Roswell's Richard Villa showed impressive speed and agility for big guys. Both fighters exchanged in the middle, on the fence, and on the ground.

It appeared as though Ramirez was more aggressive backing Villa up and outscoring him on the feet while Villa held a slight edge on the ground through the first two rounds. In the final round Villa got Ramirez down and from side control was able to scissor Ramirez' left arm and raise his hips creating a tight shoulder lock. However, it was Ramirez's elbow that appeared to give forcing a finish.

Five exciting amateur fights opened the night. Full results are as follows:

Pro MMA:
Joey Villasenor def Donny Liles via Unanimous Decision
Matt Leyva def Mike Chupa Rd 1 verbal tap
Hunter Tucker def JR Sotello Rd 1 tap Guillotine
Richard Villa def Rocky Ramirez Rd 3 tap Shoulder lock

Amateur MMA:
Lindsey Jones def JJ Aldrich U/D
Andrew Tennison def Sammy Silva Rd 1 tap Heel Hook
Jon Sparks def Greg Chavez Rd 3 tap Front Choke
Ray Martinez def Johnny Guillen by tap Rd 1 RNC
Erin McDougall def Stacy Vega by Rd 1 TKO

Check out the photo gallery for action shots from all of the evenings bouts.

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04 June 2012

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