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UFC Referee Herb Dean Introduces S7 Submission Grappling League

Trula Howe
14 July 2012
UFC Referee Herb Dean Introduces S7 Submission Grappling Lea...

Gyms featuring mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu around New Mexico were thrilled when legendary MMA referee Herb Dean, came to visit, along with co-founder and CEO of S7 Submission Grappling, Dayan Henson.

The two made their way around Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and much of the central and northern part of the state, not only spreading the word about the upcoming tournament in September, but also making time for photos and conversations with fighters, coaches and fans alike.

Their mission statement: "Founded in 2011, S7 Submission Grappling was conceived to help meet a growing demand for quality submission grappling tournaments. Founding partners, Dayan Henson, Herb Dean, Scott Adams, Josh Rosenthal and Paul Paterson have joined forces to establish a world-class platform designed to further the sport of submission grappling in America and beyond."

S7 will be making its debut in Utah on July 28, and will feature quality grappling mats (18' x 18' rings on 1.5" Dollamur Flexi-Connect, 10 mat configuration), cutting-edge video technology (4 27" monitors for each mat) and a modified scoring system. The system, designed by Herb Dean and Josh Rosenthal, will focus more on submission attempts than position.

"We designed this scoring system to reward submission attempts and avoid those positional games, encouraging these guys to finish the match."

Participants of all ages and skill levels are welcome to compete, and no gym affiliation is necessary, although it is encouraged. The traditional levels will be available: Kids and Men & Women Gi and NoGi, at levels Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert; there will also be an Absolute Division, for adults who want to test themselves against the best competitors at their level, regardless of weight.

"Our goal is help your family see you in best possible way, and encourage others to try grappling," said Henson. For more information on S7, including rules, scoring system, and divisions, visit their website

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14 July 2012

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