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Battlegrounds III - Event Results

Trula Howe
05 November 2011

FITNHB played host to the third installment of Battlegrounds, amateur boxing and kickboxing, on Friday, November 4. Boxers came together from several gyms: FITNHB, Bad Boys, Juan Rey, Los Vatos, Fighters Club, and Perez Boxing. In keeping with their community-oriented vision, FIT collected canned goods to donate to local food banks, in exchange for a $5 discount on entry.

The main event featured FIT’s own Charlie Williams facing Fighter’s Club’s Matt Cardenas. Williams dominated the first and second rounds, with Cardenas pushing the tempo, but Williams delivering the higher percentage of head and body shots. However, in the third round, Cardenas drilled in a gut shot that folded Williams, dropping him to the canvas. Williams was unable to continue at that point, and the referee stopped the match, giving Cardenas the win by TKO. 

The night featured two exhibition matches: Bad Boys’ Gabe Ybarra pitted himself against professional boxer and MMA fighter, Bill Albrecht for a couple rounds of heavyweight action. Ybarra weathered an intense storm by Albrecht, giving back as much as he could, but after Albrecht’s third knockdown, Ybarra’s corner threw in the towel on his behalf, though he protested his desire to continue. The other exhibition was an energetic 3 rounds of shoot-boxing by 50-lb FITNHB fighters Josh Robison and Sergio Gutierrez. Gutierrez showcased superman punches, high kicks and a strong chin, while Robison delivered several spinning backfists, headkicks and takedowns.

Mario Lopez (Bad Boys) met Xavier Pacheco (Perez) in a 125-pound match that saw Lopez pushing the tempo, but Pacheco delivering the higher percentage of accurate shots, blocking much of Lopez’ attack then responding with quick jabs and hooks. By the 3rd round, Lopez was visibly exhausted and Pacheco seized the opportunity to press the attack, stunning Lopez with multiple combos, until his corner waved the towel, giving Pacheco the win by TKO. Pacheco was also awarded FIGHTER OF THE NIGHT, for which he received matching headgear and gloves.

Alexis Dallman of Santa Fe met Perez’ Maria Castillo for three rounds of 120-lb female boxing. Dallman’s straight jabs bloodied the nose of Castillo, but Castillo’s hooks and footwork pushed the pace, and Castillo won the match by unanimous decision.

Los Vatos’ Abraham Garcia dominated his 145-lb match-up against Juan Rey’s Carlos Solis, with unrelenting head and body combinations, and by the middle of the 2nd round, Solis’ corner threw in the towel, giving Garcia the win by TKO.

Oscar Guzman (Fighter’s Club) met Damon Sena (FITNHB) for a heavyweight boxing match. The first round was somewhat even until Guzman scored a knockdown. Guzman came back even harder in the second, scoring two more knockdowns, after which the referee called the fight, giving Guzman the win by TKO.

Alex Cordova (Los Vatos) and Max Sanchez (Juan Rey) met for the 135-lb match of the night, which went all three rounds, but Cordova dominated all three rounds, with a quick and powerful jab that repeatedly rocked Sanchez, who didn’t fall, but did get a standing 8-count. Cordova won the match by unanimous decision.

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05 November 2011

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