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Carlos Condit Talks UFC 143 Fight Against Nick Diaz, Geopolitical Overtones, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Dave Friedlander
29 January 2012
Carlos Condit - US Combat Sports

Carlos Condit is a doting father, loyal son, and socially conscientious person who happens to also be known as “The Natural Born Killer” and owns a 27-5 cage fighting record. 

Finding MMA at an early age, Condit has already reached some of the sport’s highest achievements despite only being 27 years old. The Albuquerque fighter has competed several times in Japan and even held the WEC Welterweight belt .  

US Combat Sports reporter Dave Friedlander sat down with the “The Natural Born Killer” a week before the biggest fight of his career at UFC 143 where he is set to meet Nick Diaz for the UFC Interim Welterweight title.

USCS: What inspired you to become a Martial Artist?

Condit: I actually recall watching Teenage Ninja Turtles and Bruce Lee and Van Damme movies at an early age and being fascinated. I think it’s been my calling since childhood.

USCS: Who was a person who was influential in your life?

Condit: My Dad has been a huge positive role model for me. He’s supported everything I’ve done and encourages me to be the best I can be in life and in sports.  He’s taught me work ethic and to work harder than the other guy.

USCS: How do you spend your free time?  Where would we find you on a Saturday night?

Condit: I spend most of my time at home chasing my two-year-old son around.  I’m not big on going out. I just like to take it easy and spend time with my family.

USCS: Do you eat out or prefer to cook at home?

Condit: I actually love to cook. It’s a big release for me. I cook healthy stuff, lots of fish and vegetables.

USCS: What interests you on TV?  Sports, movies, etc?

Condit: News. Absolutely. In my house there’s either kid shows or news on.  I’m intrigued by current affairs, news with geopolitical overtones, you know, Middle East, oil dependency. Our day-to-day lives are affected by what’s going on around the world.

USCS: What are your thoughts on your opponent Nick Diaz?

Condit: Nick is tough and very experienced but this is what I’ve waited for my entire life. I feel like this is my time. I’m training hard as hell; losing isn’t an option.

USCS: Thanks for taking time to talk. Good luck on fight night.

Condit: Thank you. It’s been my pleasure.

On February 4, Condit and Diaz headline UFC 143 Live in Las Vegas. This fight should be a five-round war for the interim welterweight title.  Also on the card is the UFC debut of Condit’s teammate Henry Martinez taking on Matt Riddle, also in the welterweight division.

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30 January 2012

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