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TUF Blog with Nick Klein: Episode 10

Nick Klein
09 June 2008


I was sitting at the island when Jesse, Cale and I were making fun of Jeremy May and Jeremy walked around the corner while JT was making fun of him.  It was a funny situation as Cale and I started dying from laughter. Jesse didn’t back down and kept talking shit to him about being a punk from a few feet away.  Jeremy just sat there until JT was done and walked away.  It was solid entertainment and we must have laughed for a good hour over it. 

Later that day, evening practice was canceled as they took us to Pole Position, a go-kart track.  Let me tell you, it felt awesome to get out of the house and beat the hell out of those little cars.  They were very quick, topping out at 35 mph down the back stretch and can hit speeds of 90 mph when allowed. I took first in my heat and went on to the winner’s bracket and took 2nd overall.  It was a good experience, which in turn got everyone in the party mood for the night.

Jeremy knew nobody liked him in the house because of his antics and poor social skills.  He wanted an out!  He wanted to start a fight with JT so either him or JT would be sent home.  I did not catch wind of Jeremy’s plan until Team Forrest was sitting on the couches playing a relaxing game of spades after Pole Position.  Since I was sitting close to JT, Gerald told me that Jeremy was coming over immediately to start a fight with JT.  I looked at Gerald like he was joking around.  But Jeremy strolled over and started slinging ethnic and racial slurs.  Being since Jeremy can’t start shit sober he had to get drunk before he had enough courage to approach JT.  I thought this was a bitch move since JT had a kid to support and was still in the competition.  Jeremy also called JT a Jewish bitch, and with JT’s dad being Jewish, the comment cut deep. JT flipped out and tried to kick Jeremy but luckily a couple of the guys on our team restrained him.  Nobody was on Jeremy’s side and we told Jeremy to leave the room.  He stood there like an idiot like he still wanted to start a fight, but it made him look like that much more of a bitch in front of us. Also I’d like to give props to Mike Dolce for staying composed as well.  Mike’s wife is Jewish and he handled the situation like an adult.

From those antics everyone was on a hell raising bender!  Riddle was drunk and went upstairs and put about a dozen eggs on Jeremy’s bed and pillow and urinated on his bed and clothes (so he told us). When Jeremy found out he called everyone to the upstairs living room.  He walked around and questioned all of us about who did it, and it was pure entertainment.  Jeremy threatened us that he would find out and show up to our house and shoot whoever did it.  He added they would be sorry and their families would pay.  It was pretty funny because Brandon Sene was a sniper and immediately said “Don’t make statements like that because you do NOT want to get into a gun fight with me.”  After a good hour of sitting there laughing at Jeremy’s antics the guys got bored and started kicking the banister.  It cracked and most of the guys looked at each other and smiled….which led to the destruction of the entire upstairs.  Mike Dolce and I sat there and watched everything unfold in shock.  We went 5 weeks without breaking a single thing, now with 1 week left most people snapped.  The guys upstairs did over $60,000 damage to the house that night.  It was pretty insane to see something like that happen.  On to the fights.

Dan came out hard with no fear and determination to win.  With that type of mentality it was sure to put Tim in danger quickly.  However, when you go hard all the time you often make mistakes.  Dan left a foot behind and was caught in a heel hook.  Tim had the most experience in the house and was calm the entire fight.  He was put against the fence with punches.  He was put in side control and in mount.  Tim showed the patience of a black belt and came back with solid technique for the win.  Another victory for Team Forrest and all that was left was C.B. and Cale.

C.B. and Cale were up next the style match up was in heavy favor of C.B.  C.B. had just as good of hands as Cale and he had good ground skills in every aspect.  This is MMA and Cale did have a chance!  C.B. did come out strong and showed what he can do.  It was a weird situation for me: Do I cheer for the guy that beat me, or cheer for my good friend Cale?  It was over pretty quick as C.B. put Cale in the same four corners position that did me in.  Cale had a little more time to work on escapes for this fight but you really can’t throw stuff you just learned into your arsenal.  Cale knew he just couldn’t end up there or he was in trouble.  C.B. was able to secure a solid back position once again and pound out a victory.

I would like to thank Mark Plavcan and Twisted Fitness Gym for all the support.  Also Unbreakable Mouthpieces!
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09 June 2008

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