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TUF Blog with Nick Klein: Episode 9

Nick Klein
02 June 2008


JT Money and Dante stylistically were not to be an exciting match by any means.  When a solid wrestler gets pinned against a jiu jitsu specialist you know it may not be that exciting.  However, with the strong grapplers pinned against one another, the victor had a great chance to go far into the competition if he was to play his cards right.  Dante looked to stand and trade but JT did what he does best: He took his opponent down and pounded the hell out of him.

Back home JT trains with Dan Henderson, while Dante trains under Ricardo Almeida.  Both fighters had great instructors and it was up to them to let their technique do the talking.  JT controlled the fight both rounds and worked his GNP the entire time.  Dante threw up a few submission attempts but JT countered.

The other fight that took place this episode was a war.  Everyone in the house was praying for this match up.  Amir and Matt are two strikers and would slug until the other was out cold.  They did not let us down.  For the better part of 10 minutes they both kicked, punched and kneed their way towards victory.  A knee was thrown by Amir that changed the outcome of the fight and he was able to hook up a triangle choke near the end of the second round.  This fight was a treat for everyone to watch.  

If you remember you could hear Matt Riddle yelling in the background of this fight.  “Is this really happening” Yes, he was drunk.  I’m pretty sure the fights took place at noon.  And he was completely hammered.  It was entertainment, alright.  A few of the guys in the house let loose after they lost but kept training.  Brandon and Riddle were partners in crime for most of the show doing the majority of the drinking, However, they still went to practice while Jeremy did not.  Other fighters like Dolce and I didn’t drink until the last few nights because we wanted to remain in good shape in case we were to get back into competition.  One thing is certain: Once you were out of the competition, you usually stayed up late and had a good time playing pool or ping pong.  I felt bad for the fighters left in the competition because they were trying to sleep.

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02 June 2008

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