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Ron's Blog: Return of the Mack

Ron Faircloth
07 April 2011
Ron Faircloth Blog

I am Ron Faircloth and I am awesome. I know a lot of people think my life consists of only three things. One: political activism. Two: charity work. And lastly, riding across grass covered plains on my unicorn steed while pulling a wagon full of beautiful women and pop stars.

While it is true I ride around on a unicorn (the last unicorn) and it is true that Enrique Iglesias and Justin Bieber hum smooth melodies to me while we ride, I am not politically active or charitable.

So it's been a minute since I wrote this blog and I hope it's still fun. I have recently made some changes in my life. I moved to Green Bay and took up the head coach position at the Combat Training Center. It is an awesome facility and it's full of great people. These people are really trying to build something cool up here and I'm happy to be part of it.

The Combat Training Center will be hosting a Shawn Thompkins and Sam Stout seminar on the 23rd of April. The start time will be noon. This is the day after the Combat USA state finals and that makes for a full weekend of violent entertainment. Please come check it out because I need new people to talk to. If you come, please greet me with the standard tongue kiss or a docking procedure. Either way is acceptable.

The worst part about the move was stepping out of the Chosen Few. Those fellas were like family to me. I wouldn't be where I am without the help and backup given to me by Pat O'Malley and Kain Rizzo. I have been very lucky to have great friends behind me all throughout my career in fighting. Dave Strasser, Pat, Kain, Mark Plavcan and countless others have made me who I am. This move has created some problems but I hope that in the end it all is worth it.

I'm sorry that this first blog is not terribly funny and I hope to make up for it next week with something really really retarded. Until then my inter-web brethren...Stay smooth!

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07 April 2011

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