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Ron's Blog: Radio Show Boost

Ron Faircloth
02 April 2009

I am Ron Faircloth and I am AWESOME AGAIN. I have many clever things to say, none of which I will use on my blog. Currently, I am the coolest person that I can think of. Seriously, I realize most of you look at me and you're like, "I can't even think about being that cool." For some of you this may be true, for others maybe not. My pictures are all airbrushed. I never shave and I look like a professional video gamer.



I need a favor from my inter-web brethren again. I have a radio show on 94.1 WJJO Wednesday from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. What I need from anyone that is a fan of MMA or grappling or me or the dumb things I say (even if you aren't a fan of me I still need the help) to call the studio line at 608-321-0941 or .Hit up their MySpace and tell them you want to hear about the combat lifestyle we all love. Call on Wednesdays and demand to talk to me on the radio, too. If I can keep this going it'll be good for us all.


We are contacting companies about product reviews and have a bunch of ideas in the works. Support the sport, my friends. If you would like to be a guest on the show, contact me and I'll get you on. Got a product you want talked about? Just get in touch with me. Like I said, I'm trying to build this into something cool for Wisconsin. Hit up Randy Hawke's MySpace or whatever. This is one of the most entertaining things I've ever done. Thanks for whatever you can find time to do.


Jameel fights in WEC this weekend. He has a very tough fight, but I think he wins it. That guy is in incredible shape all the time. He is an all around fighter without any weak spots. Good stand up, great ground and wrestling. I'm pulling for you Jameel, as I'm sure we all are. He always does well when he steps up, and I don't see how this will be any different. You might see a very good looking fella that looks just like me in his corner, so be sure to watch for that.


Another guy I'd like to mention this week is James Warfield. Since this guy was returned to us he has improved in all aspects of his game. He is like a sponge. His ground game is getting sick and his hands are....well, I'm sure you've all heard about them. I've never been hit like he does, and he takes it easy on my old parts. People duck and cover to get out of his way and it sucks. He works harder than most and has a hard time getting fights anywhere. I hope he gets his shot before he loses the desire to spin his wheels. He is an all around great guy and is good for any show that will put him on. People always remember him. Not for the reasons they remember me, but because he relocates body parts for people in every fight. Keep your chin down and your heart in it, James, and your shot will come.


That's it for this week boys and girls. I'm proud to be from Wisconsin. We are the hardest fighting state I've seen and I've seen/trained/fought in most of them.

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02 April 2009

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